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How to Rewrite Goodly

By Richard Parfitt |   Last year, I wrote a blog on here giving my best tips for planning and writing chapter drafts of your thesis. I was pretty confident back then. Writing is my favourite part of the PhD process…. Continue Reading →

Top Tips for a Year Away from Academia

By Richard Parfitt |   If, like me, you get to the end of your master’s degree and you run out of energy or (probably) money, or you just want to take some time to decide whether to take your academic… Continue Reading →

Should They Pay? Should I Go?

By Richard Parfitt |   I’ve been having something of a moral dilemma as we begin the new academic year. After offering my services to pretty much everybody I could think of, I’ve been able to get myself some limited teaching… Continue Reading →

Learning a new language while doing a PhD

By Sara Brouwer |   By the time I sat down to write the proposal for my PhD research, I knew that I wanted to learn the local language of my research setting. The empirical part of my research takes… Continue Reading →

How to Write Goodly

By Richard Parfitt | Getting your writing started early is something that most supervisors will say is vital from the off. Generally speaking, the advice is not to spend two and a half years gathering research before you actually get some… Continue Reading →

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