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Relevancy and the Field of History

By Rachel Davis | My undergraduate professor used to end each seminar with the benediction, ‘Fight relevance and preach difference.’ I used to laugh, but recently I’ve been considering his words more seriously. Why are historians so concerned with relevancy in… Continue Reading →

It’s Not You, It’s Me: Taking a Break from PhD Research

By Rachel Davis | The original concept for this post (before I went home for five weeks) was to write about working from home when home is 3,000+ miles away from the university you attend. HA! How ambitious! Besides the three… Continue Reading →

Impressions from the Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium 2015

By Audrey Scardina | This past week I attended the ninth Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium (EMASS) in Oxford. The conference spanned two days and had over sixty delegates from all over Europe, with presentations on topics as diverse as chamber… Continue Reading →

Who am I? Reconciling Personal Identities as a Gender Historian

By Rachel Davis | When I was eighteen years old, I held the ignorant and ill-informed belief that “feminist” was synonymous with “bra-burner” and “man-hater.” I’m still grateful for my first year seminar lecturer who patiently and kindly informed me… Continue Reading →

Dating and the PhD

By Rachel Davis | The decision to do a PhD requires a level of commitment I don’t think I fully realised when I started in September. Embarking on a three-year research project that hopefully adds Dr. to the front of… Continue Reading →

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