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Self-Funding: The View from Third Year

By Laura Harrison | We’ve talked a lot about funding on this site. We launched the blog with six posts, and one of them was Roseanna’s Guide to Self-funding. Like Roseanna, I’m self-funded, with the added fun of being Canadian, and… Continue reading →

PhD Sorting Hat: Which Hogwarts house do you belong in?

By Laura Harrison | A few months ago, some fellow PhDs and I went down a bit of a lunchtime discussion rabbit hole that culminated in each of us taking the Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore. It was possibly the most… Continue reading →

200 And Counting…

By Laura Harrison | Welcome to Pubs and Pubs’s 200th post! It started with six posts from our six original committee members, which we launched with nearly two years ago. We have been churning out at least two posts (almost) every… Continue reading →

PhD Halloween Costumes

By Laura Harrison | Happy Halloween! Since PhDs are known procrastinators, I figured it was a fairly safe bet that most of you have not yet sorted out your Halloween costumes this year. If you don’t yet have plans, we at… Continue reading →

How do you PhD?

By Lucie Whitmore, with Laura Harrison & Heather Carroll | As many of us are well aware, at least 25% of doing a PhD is remembering where that quote came from, or where you wrote that note about methodology that… Continue reading →

Now Recruiting!

Join our committee! We welcome PhDs at any stage in their thesis. We are currently seeking members for a variety of positions, so whether you are interested in social media, editing, publicity, site maintenance, or the general running of the… Continue reading →

How to Use a Bullet Journal

By Laura Harrison | If you have been anywhere near Pinterest, Buzzfeed, or had lunch with me in the past few months, you have probably seen/heard something about bullet journaling. It is a combination diary/to do list/journal, and it has become an… Continue reading →

Review of Reviews – A Guide to Book Reviews

By Catherine Bateson | It’s somewhat ironic that at the time of writing this blog, I have two book reviews to write in the not too distant future, and I actually need to read them first – so far all I can… Continue reading →

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