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Podcasting and the PhD Part 2: the technical side of the force

By Ian MacNeill This week’s guest post is part 2 of my interview with Lauren Miley and Tayler Shreve from the Crimeversation podcast. On Monday, Lauren and Tayler spoke about the origins of Crimeversation and about the guests and cases their… Continue Reading →

Podcasting and the PhD: an interview with Lauren Miley and Tayler Shreve from Crimeversation

By Ian MacNeill and Lauren Miley First invented by software developer Dave Winer, listening to podcasts became a ‘thing’ back in 2005 (the same year YouTube was founded!), when iTunes began carrying podcasts. Podcasts have since become one the most prominent cultural… Continue Reading →

Music helps you take control

By Ian MacNeill | Let’s face it, no matter how ‘exciting’ your PhD topic might be, or how exotic the places you visit for field work are, most of your life as a PhD student will be spent sitting starring at… Continue Reading →

School’s (not) out for summer

By Ian MacNeill | As many of you will no doubt have noticed, academic conference season has begun in the realm of Higher Education. Conferences are an important aspect of the PhD experience, and attending them at varying stages of your… Continue Reading →

Tips on presenting at your first conference

Spring has sprung, the clocks have changed, all around is a sense of newness, and PhD students across the land lift their bleary eyes from computers everywhere and realise that, to invert the words of House Stark, ‘Winter has gone’…. Continue Reading →

A Journey into the Unknown: some advice on PhD fieldwork

By Ian MacNeill | Unlike Deiderik Strubbe, whose fieldwork related mishap is one of many amusing anecdotes included in Jim Jourdane’s recent illustrated collection of ‘Fieldwork Fails,’ (Handy link here), I cannot claim to have once been detained by a… Continue Reading →

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