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Changing direction: reflections on pursuing a non-academic career

By Ian MacNeill | Towards the end of last year, I wrote a blog about the choice facing PhD graduates: whether to continue with an academic career or pursue a non-academic option. As this is, sadly, my last post for Pubs and Pubs… Continue Reading →

The PhD needs a-changin: amending the PhD to better meet the needs of students

By Ian MacNeill | While British Universities have been offering ‘doctoral’ degrees since the mid-19th Century, the past twenty years have seen some of the most dramatic changes to the PhD experience since the 1st ‘Doctor of Science’ was awarded by… Continue Reading →

Keys to the Kingdom: 5 tips to a positive PhD experience

By Ian MacNeill | Offering reflections on our PhD experience and tips for those who follow us down the doctoral path is, to my mind at least, one of the most valuable contributions that we as writers for Pubs and Publications… Continue Reading →

So what does all this mean? Some advice on writing the discussion section of your thesis

By Ian MacNeill | Pubs and Pubs, in my humble opinion, is one of the best repositories of knowledge about the PhD experience on the Internet. Over the years, a host of writers have given advice on a wide range of… Continue Reading →

Adventures beyond the fundingworld: some reflections on not finishing my PhD within 3 years.

By Ian MacNeill | There are some things in life that you simply can’t avoid: taxes, disappointing sports results (although being Scottish I feel like I endure more of these than is fair), and, not including prequels, Game of Thrones is going… Continue Reading →

What’s in it for us? Why we write for Pubs and Pubs.

From the Pubs and Pubs committee | Pursuing a PhD can sometimes feel overwhelming. Not only are we required to conduct an independent research project that makes an original contribution to our field, but we also typically find ourselves doing a… Continue Reading →

Getting up close and personal with procrastination

By Kathryn Machray | Procrastination is a relatively fundamental component of academic life – at least it is for me. Dithering about and delaying starting something that has a deadline attached is an irritating habit that has followed me throughout my… Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions 2019

From the learned minds of the Pubs and Pub Committee | As we finally drag ourselves away from the sofa, the television, and the excessive food and booze consumption that made the festive season an enjoyable if somewhat corpulent affair, we… Continue Reading →

Stick or twist: what to do when you finish your PhD?

By Ian MacNeill | A twice weekly fever dream tells me that there is much more of my PhD behind me than in front of me. My submission date is not so much looming on the horizon as  staring me in… Continue Reading →

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