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Confessions of a Bibliophile

By Gary D. Hutchison | There are those who love to shop, and those who, to put it mildly, do not.  Spending chunks of time trudging around soulless shopping centres in search of life’s necessities is certainly not my idea of… Continue Reading →

Time Management and the PhD

By Gary D. Hutchison | One of the greatest blessings of working on a PhD is the degree of independence we’re granted to work on the topic that we are passionate about.  The fact that our passion may be quite a… Continue Reading →

Teaching Undergraduates for the First Time

By Felicity Loughlin | Being a PhD student can sometimes feel like a continual exercise in multi-tasking. Researching and writing up a thesis is often interrupted, thankfully, by attending or organising conferences, research trips, and giving papers. For me, one… Continue Reading →

The Term ‘One Nation’, Conservatism, and the Fluidity of Political Language

By Gary D. Hutchison | We’ve all experienced academic irritation – whether watching a film, reading an article, or keeping up with the news bulletins.  A misplaced term there, a small historical inaccuracy there, but it all adds up.  As… Continue Reading →

Citation Management Review: Zotero, the iTunes for Documents

By Drew Thomas | The first of our new series on that unavoidable and time-intensive part of the PhD experience, citation management, looks at one of the online products on offer which can make citing easier and more efficient.   My high… Continue Reading →

The Co-production of Research and Undertaking a historically-focused PhD: Finding Our Feet

The following is an account of a workshop at the University of Huddersfield, focused on the problems and opportunities associated with the co-production of research.  If you would like to write about your experiences at a conference/workshop/seminar/colloquium please email our… Continue Reading →

Nooks and Crannies: Places to work on your PhD

By Gary D. Hutchison| ‘Wake up at 7.20am, travel into the office, sit down at the same desk every day.  Lunch at 12.45 (30-35 mins), two tea breaks, set off for home at 5pm on the dot.’ A typical working… Continue Reading →

Let Your Computer Search Handwritten Notes

By Drew Thomas | Do you have a hard time remembering where you read something? Do you find yourself frustratingly searching through handwritten notes, looking for an example or page number? I do. There is an easy solution to this problem…. Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Together: Attending my first academic conference

By Gary D. Hutchison | Having started my PhD in September, it often seemed as if all of my contemporaries were getting to have all the fun, attending numerous conferences pertinent to their subject areas.  I, meanwhile, was wondering when exactly… Continue Reading →

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