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Fear of Finishing

By Fraser Raeburn | It seems impossible, but the notion that I was in the process of ‘finishing’ my PhD somehow snuck up on me. Sure, I’ve told faintly sceptical friends and family that it was coming along (not too far… Continue Reading →

What happens when you kneed to take a break from your PhD?

By Ian MacNeill | One aspect of pursuing a PhD that is rarely mentioned are the drop-out rates. An unscientific bout of Googlewhacking tells me that up to 50 percent of doctoral candidates will choose to discontinue (a more agreeable… Continue Reading →

Travel Options for the Temporally and Financially Challenged PhD

By Fraser Raeburn | No one has ever completed a PhD by sitting very still in one place. Whether it be a brisk stroll over to the library, or an epic trek into the Himalayas in search of wisdom, we will… Continue Reading →

Student Evaluations: Stop, Change or Continue?

By Fraser Raeburn | For the first time this year, I made my classes fill out anonymous student evaluations at the end of semester. To be honest, I would have done this earlier had I realised that providing tutorial-specific feedback wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Can History stop #fakenews?

By Fraser Raeburn | #Fakenews is everywhere. While I wouldn’t go quite so far as Richard Evans and claim that we live in a postmodern, post-factual dystopia fuelled by literal interpretations of Foucault, we clearly live in a world where facts… Continue Reading →

Postgraduate Privilege

By Fraser Raeburn | I recently read an article about unthinking privilege in the arts – the slow realisation of a writer that rich kids don’t just grow up to be doctors and lawyers, but also dominate the artistic world, because… Continue Reading →

Conference, seminar, sandpit: are there other ways to exchange our research?

By Alexander Coupe | When we meet other researchers at conferences are we really listening? Is this meeting establishing a common language between our projects? I would suggest that we often enter into academic encounters not in the name of understanding… Continue Reading →

The Hows of Plan B: Careers outside Academia (Part 2)

By Edwin Goi | In my previous article, I suggested that PhD students who are considering a career outside academia should prove their competence in the non-academic world and make themselves more attractive to employers through professional certifications. This could be… Continue Reading →

Your PhD Desk (And What It Says About You)

By Fraser Raeburn | Whether it be in an actual office, or merely a small table in a local café that you jealously guard against encroachment, we all have our own little PhD homes at which to work, write and procrastinate…. Continue Reading →

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