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The danger of the black hole: post-viva life

by Elke Close | Since moving back to Belgium in August, I have been thinking a lot about the Dutch expression ‘in een zwart gat vallen’. If you were to literally translate this expression into English, you’d end up with… Continue Reading →

Masters at Coping: Living with Invisible Illnesses and Mental Health in Academia

by Lisa Pearl McIntosh   Living with an invisible illness can be difficult. Add an academic workload to that weight and that difficulty level can reach untold heights. Illnesses not necessarily seen by the naked eye, such as gastrointestinal issues,… Continue Reading →

Heartbreak and the PhD

by Elke Close | The end of a relationship is never easy. We’ve all been there. No matter what the circumstances are, it is always difficult to say goodbye to a part of your life that you shared with that one… Continue Reading →

Shredding it, setting it ablaze, feeding it to the dog or: What to do when you are sick of your thesis

By Elke Close ¦ After Laura’s uplifting post about rediscovering your groove, this week I want to give you a little advice on what to do when you cannot stand the thought of anything remotely connected to your PhD thesis. Most… Continue Reading →

UK Historians – Your Country Needs You! How a background in historical research can help you carve out a career in the world of public policy

by Andrew Mackley ¦ I love history, and despite the problems and anxieties which came with being a postgraduate researcher, I loved researching and writing my History PhD thesis.  But I never had a great ambition to carve out a… Continue Reading →

Supporting Your Colleagues Who Have Anxiety Disorders: Some Thoughts and Reflections

This post was originally published on the Academic Mental Health Collective, an international collective that advocates for graduate students who struggle with mental illness. AHMC also provides materials and resources to help promote mental health among graduate students more generally. Their… Continue Reading →

Your favourite drink and what it says about you (and your research)

by Elke Close ¦ Exciting times are ahead. Slowly the sun is gracing us with its presence, Eurovision is only a week away and the academic year is over, which means no more teaching, marking or occupying yourself with other… Continue Reading →

Letter to a young PhD student

by Hortense Le Ferrand |   Dear young PhD student, Having successfully graduated from my PhD in material science, I would like to pass on some advice so that you can fully enjoy the next few years. Since I did… Continue Reading →

Recover and Prepare: The Limbo Period Between Degrees

by Forrest Strickland  | You decide to turn your alarm off so you can sleep in. After all, there are no assignments—no paper deadlines to meet, no reading lists to work through, no works to translate. Besides dealing with the… Continue Reading →

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