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Preparing for your Literature Review: Best Practices

By Drew Thomas |   For many Ph.D. students, part of their first-year progress review includes submitting a literature review. While it seems nice that you get to spend nearly a year reading interesting books and articles about your research… Continue Reading →

Stop What You’re Doing & Back Up Your Data!

By Drew Thomas |   Technology has come a long way from the infamous Blue Screen of Death that signaled destruction for whatever document you might have been working on. Goodbye essay, hello staying up all night retyping everything. Today,… Continue Reading →

Should I join scholarly societies?

By Drew Thomas | On top of writing your thesis, teaching, and fulfilling all the other academic responsibilities required of a PhD student, one item that often gets neglected is scholarly societies. Should you join them? How many? Which ones?… Continue Reading →

How to Handle Criticism Like A Pro

By Drew Thomas | On a spring day in 1616, William Shakespeare dropped dead. Poor guy. But here we are, 400 years later, with celebrations planned all over the world in honour of one of the English language’s greatest writers…. Continue Reading →

American curse: How many languages do you speak?

By Drew Thomas | Being a student from the United States, yet studying across the pond in the UK, one quickly discovers a stereotype about Americans: they only speak English. Now it’s true that there are many other languages spoken… Continue Reading →

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