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Why Romantic Jacobitism is Outlandish

By Ben Rogers | Since Jacobitism has been romanticised again thanks to the efforts of a current television series (the clue is in the title), I see it as my duty to set the record straight regarding this outdated fantasy…. Continue Reading →

Occupation: Student

by Michael Munnik You put it on your credit card application, your airport landing card. It’s what you answer when people ask, “And what do you do?” And fair enough: you pay tuition, and other people assess your work before… Continue Reading →

Adding some ‘Sparkle’ to your Writing

by Ben Rogers Last week I had an interesting conversation with one of my supervisors regarding writing style. I was concerned that my style of writing was too monotone (which this piece may yet prove) and that I would like… Continue Reading →

The Highs and Lows of a Part-time PhD

by Alastair Duthie | Completing a doctoral research project in three years is a challenging endeavor. Today, PhD students are expected to do far more than submit their thesis; organizing conferences or seminars, teaching, and writing book reviews are just some… Continue Reading →

Dealing with Seventeenth Century Church Records

By Ben Rogers | All of us will encounter a variety of sources in our research, ranging from the hysterical to the down-right miserable. For those of us who look at the history of religious conflict in Scotland, the records… Continue Reading →

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