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What Does Your Graduate Persona Say About Your PhD?

By Anna Maguire | Graduation season is upon us! Whether you’re graduating from your doctorate or eagerly anticipating the day when your thesis is finished, this time of the academic year marks a moment of transition, for undergrads and postgrads alike…. Continue Reading →

18 Online Resources and Apps for PhD Students with Dyslexia

By Sharon Conwell | For a long time students with dyslexia weren’t expected to perform well academically. Unfair and inaccurate assumptions were often made about their capabilities and intelligence, and ignorance often left a lot of dyslexic students completely overlooked. Fortunately,… Continue Reading →

Summer Survival: The Road to Submission

By Anna Maguire| Wanted: One research caretaker. Duration: 2 months. Tasks: guardian for an unwieldy doctoral project; acting as a proxy for supervisions; general writing and editing duties. Bonus on submission. Ahh, summer. When the teaching and marking is over,… Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Wishful Thinking

By Anna Maguire | I have a guilty habit. As I click through my social media cycle and vow to stop scrolling and start writing/reading/getting a life, there’s something that I always return to: property sites. Not just because I am… Continue Reading →

Is the ‘self’ becoming another point to score on a framework of excellence?

By Jessica Douthwaite | The place of one’s ‘self’ within the research process is a subject that no historian can avoid. Subjectivity has become an essential facet of academia, respected because it takes into account the personal influences that impact our… Continue Reading →

Practice What You Teach

By Anna Maguire | My students constantly surprise me – asking challenging questions and taking seminar discussions in unexpected directions. But there are also less positive surprises. These always seem to rear their head in marking season as a series of increasingly exasperated questions and exclamations:… Continue Reading →

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