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Sensing your PhD – a meditative video experiment

By Aglaja Kempinski | While we are all frantically tumbling into summer like yellow leaves left over from last autumn wondering where the time has gone, Pubs and Pubs has decided to stir things up a little. In what will hopefully… Continue Reading →

On the Use and Abuse of Deadlines

By Anonymous | As the New Year broke, and January all too quickly became February I came to the sudden and quite alarming realisation that I am now conclusively in the third year of my PhD. This means different things… Continue Reading →

A Second Chance

By Jim Bruce | I hated school. Looking back now I realise that many of the teachers were odd, but not in a charming way. A few were really disturbed and should not have been allowed near us, never mind… Continue Reading →

An Englishman, an Irishman, and a Scotsman… Humour and identity formation in history

By Stuart Clark | An Englishman, an Irishman, and a Scotsman are travelling to London, and each has promised to bring back a gift for their sons. Upon their return they hand over their gifts. The Englishman presents his son… Continue Reading →

An Insatiable Appetite for Anecdotes

By Maurice Casey | In a recent review of Michael Seidleman’s cultural history of the Spanish Civil War, Rob Stradling chastised Seidleman’s ‘insatiable appetite for archival anecdotes.’ Navigating the strange world of Irish-Soviet connections, I frequently come across weird archival finds that… Continue Reading →

Three Degrees, One University: Confessions of a One-Institution Man

By Edwin Andrew Goi | I recently read an article shared on Facebook by the Times Higher Education entitled ’10 Steps to PhD Failure’. Hoping to avoid this doctoral apocalypse, I swiftly opened the link, only to find that I have transgressed… Continue Reading →

Just an Inkling: Tolkien, Pubs, and the PhD

By Tristan Herzogenrath-Amelung |   It is seldom a bad idea to talk about The Lord of the Rings. Rather than hobbits, elves, and Ringwraiths, however, I would like to talk about its author, Professor J. R. R. Tolkien. I… Continue Reading →

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