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Effective Powerpoint design with Birdie

By Lucie Whitmore | Earlier this year, Pubs & Pubs editor Fraser Raeburn wrote a blog titled ‘Comparative Theories of Powerpoint’, in which he identified some of the key ways that this much maligned method of presenting research has been utilised… Continue Reading →

A Joint-PhD : The best of both worlds?

By Sara Zanovello | ‘Joint-PhD’, ‘co-tutelage of doctoral thesis’, ‘dottorato in cotutela di tesi’: when I first started my PhD at Padua University, I never thought I would refer to it in the next three years with such intricate names! My joint-PhD… Continue Reading →

How to hack the PhD Stress Test

By Aglaja Kempinski | Stress – and often interlinked with it, anxiety – seem to be part and parcel of writing a PhD. Advice to just “stress less”, as I so often hear it from doctors, parents or other concerned parties,… Continue Reading →

Writing a Travel- Archaeology Blog: developing a pre-PhD project

By Zofia Guertin | When I was invited by Pubs and Publications to write a post about penning a travel-archaeology blog, I was thrilled! It proved that someone had read my nerdy blog! However, there was one small problem – I am… Continue Reading →

I am a PhD student. Why can’t I talk about mental health?

By Elizabeth Corsar | If you type ‘mental health issues and academia’ into a search engine you will be presented with an array of articles and blogs on the subject, where PhD students and academics discuss their experiences of the… Continue Reading →

How to make the most of your Ph.D journey – what I’ve learnt, so far…

By Tracy Kirk | Much is written about what you should and shouldn’t do during your PhD research. I believe, as in life, everyone’s journey is completely different, even if the destination is the same! So, I’m going to explain what I’ve… Continue Reading →

Changing Disciplines

By Simon Wyatt | Two years into my physics degree, I got stuck in a rut. The enthusiasm  I once had for my subject had dwindled into an obligation to attend the lectures I was paying for. While my friends… Continue Reading →

Mean Academics – take it easy on each other

By Aglaja Kempinski | Anthropologists can be a bit mean. There, I said it. I suppose I could have prefaced this with a whole “some of my best friends are Anthropologists” spiel. But this would be a bit redundant. Obviously… Continue Reading →

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