The 25th May signs one year from George Floyd’s death. His murder ignited a wave of protests against the police violence in the US, and in specific against police racial brutality over Black Americans. In June 2020, anti-racial protests had found an unprecedented sounding board on a global level. Everyone became aware of the existence of Black Lives Matter, a social movement begun in 2013. Over the weeks and months, discussion on racial inequality broadened to include reflections on racism against all non-white ethnicities. This revealed the deepness of white privilege and the necessity of learning, of listening to voices other than the white ones.

For this reason, we at Pubs and Publications have decided to devote June 2021 to give voice to you, non-white readers. We are aware that unfortunately this categorization, as well as the acronym BIPOC, is a generic umbrella that risks to diminuish experiences and cultural identities. We will work in order to do better in the future, and give the right emphasis to individual experiences. Until then, we are asking you to get in touch if you like, and to share and discuss with us, to teach us. In June, we will publish your blog posts in the form of articles or interviews on the theme of racial inequality. Participation can be anonymous.

While contributions from BIPOC PhD or ERC students are particularly encouraged, on this occasion participation from other BIPOC readers is welcome too.

We warmly invite you to contact us at or on our socials ( and If interested, do not hesitate to get in touch. Your participation is important – we need your voice.

The Pubs and Publications Committee