By: Rachel Wilson-Lowe

So in response to this crazy COVID world (and the fact that some new PhD students will be starting at the end of this month), I thought today’s post should be a little escape from reality! I present to you: a selection of PhD memes!

*now those of us who were supposed to be doing primary data collection with human subjects might not feel this smug! But I bet the lucky ducks at their literature review stage or writing up do!

* I definitely fall into the ‘Getting to call yourself a Doctor category

* Doing a PhD is a bit like doing Crossfit…you want to talk about it all the time to EVERYONE! My partner constantly pokes fun at my incredible ability to turn any conversation towards abortion access (my research topic). So friends and family of a PhD student, this one’s for you!

creds to fb group "high impact phd memes" : labrats

* Quick tip for 1st year PhD students: dear God, please develop a search strategy! Don’t do what I did for the first 3 months and just Google and pray that you find the right info.

* The first time my supervisor told me this was when I realized that I am officially old.

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* As someone starting their final year of the PhD I feel personally attacked by this meme….but I can also admit that it is 100% true!

iLovePhD Memes | iLovePhD

* I can confirm. You’re PhD will change so much over the 3 years and that’s ok! We all start a little over ambitious!

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* Another one for friends and family. I personally will be sending this to my mother now!

High Impact PhD Memes på Twitter: "Today I finally got my PhD! It ...Hopefully these memes gave you a wee laugh, and reminded you that you’re not alone! Getting a PhD is really hard at times but in the end, like Dobby, you’re free!


Rachel Wilson-Lowe is a Sociology PhD student at University of Glasgow. Her research explores women’s experiences of abortion, specifically why/how women are using online spaces to access services and share their stories. She is an advocate for sexual/reproductive healthcare and rights worldwide. You can find her on Twitter @Rwilsonlowe