This is obviously not an ordinary time for anyone right now! The majority of us PhD students are working from home: scrambling to change our methodology, trying to get back funding from cancelled conferences, or just trying to adjust to this our new ‘normal’.

For some, this means we have extra time on our hands. But for others, it may mean that prioritising PhD work seems unrealistic with extra caring responsibilities and the struggle to focus during this international crisis. Either way, consuming entertainment content can be a good way to cope during COVID-19.

Here at Pubs and Publications, we are here to help! We have asked our committee for some of their favourite binge-worthy content recommendations!

Rachel Wilson-Lowe: Friday Night Dinner (Netflix UK and Channel 4 On Demand)

This show is such fun to binge, especially with the given situation! It follows the Goodman family and their weekly dinners, met with reluctance from the two adult children. All this forced family interaction and ridiculous hijinks, set in perfectly digestible 25-minute episodes, makes Friday Night Dinner a great watch for the lockdown! Plus they have just started season 6 on Channel 4!

Timothy Galsworthy: All or Nothing (Amazon Prime) & Sunderland ’till I Die (Netflix UK)


We should not feel guilty for sitting in front of the TV and switching our brains off! Personally, I have been bingeing sports documentaries. I have flown through a number of series of “All or Nothing”, an Amazon fly-on-the-wall programme following the seasons of various sports teams including the Los Angeles Rams, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the New Zealand All Blacks.

I have also nearly finished series 2 of “Sunderland ‘till I Die”, an engrossing Netflix documentary focusing on Sunderland AFC and the city of Sunderland. These documentaries feel a world away from my PhD research and writing; and that’s the point. Just for a little while they allow me to stop worrying about all that is going on in the world and the impact it is having on my PhD.

Giovanna Pasquariello: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel Films (available to rent on Amazon) & Money Heist (Netflix UK)

Instead of spending our nights at home feeling nostalgic about that nice pub we cannot visit at the moment, let’s seize the opportunity to re-join our old friends: maybe those long, evergreen film series such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter – or even The Avengers and all the Marvel movies? I am not suggesting a non-stop marathon (am I not?), but a movie per night might be a nice way to kill time.

If you are not so into film series, you can re-watch the previous episodes of a TV show. For example, Money Heist season 4 is released on Netflix today (3rd April) – you could catch up with the plot. Is anything better than a hardcore hijacking-escaping story during these lockdown times? Whatever – as long as we all stay at home and don’t try it in real life!

Megan King- Big Little Lies (NOW TV and HBO Go)

I can never seem to get enough of all things true crime. Whether I’m working out or relaxing with a cup of tea, I’m usually listening to Generation Why or scrolling through serial killer documentaries on Netflix. I think that’s partly what drew me to Big Little Lies. It seemed like it would be a bit of a break from the monotony of true crime documentaries, but not from that suspenseful element that I love, and I was spot on. Between the rivalries, the secrets, and the lies, it sucked me in from the very start. Plus, the acting, the timelines, the soundtrack – all superb.


Somali Dhanpal- Dark, Sacred Games, Leila, Grace and Frankie, Brooklyn 99, Archer, & Ozark (Netflix UK)

I’ve been away on fieldwork in India where the political climate has been stressful so my binge is a combination of very random shows catering to my various moods that alter with everyday politics- while feeling experimental I’ve been watching lots of international series- I watched this German mini series called Dark (so great to get through in an evening and if you’re looking for something immersive)- I would also recommend binging on Sacred Games (a thriller based in Mumbai)- and Leila (Handmaids tale- Indian version); both will keep you on the edge of your seat!

To balance my serious watching and when feeling whimsical, I’ve been getting a healthy dose of Grace and Frankie, watching reruns of Brooklyn 99, and Archer. I’m waiting to start watching season 3 of Ozark– probably not going to get much sleep once I begin.

Whether its watching TV, drawing, singing, writing, walking, running – or doing countless other things – right now we all need an outlet, we all need something happy and effortless to fill our minds and our days. No judgement here!

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay well!