At Pubs and Publications we have been blessed with an array of brilliant committee members. Some of the team are now reaching – or have reached – the end of their PhD journeys and are, therefore, scaling back their commitments. We thank all of them for their contributions. The blog is now entering a new phase, as it approaches its fifth birthday, with an almost wholly new committee.


Former Topical Editor Tim Galsworthy is now Chair of Pubs and Publications. Our new recruits from 2019 are filling the reminder of the positions. The new make-up of the Pubs and Publications committee is as follows:


Chair – Tim Galsworthy

Contributions Editors – Oresta Muckute and Giovanna Pasquariello

Publicity Editors – Sonali Dhanpal and Megan King

Topical Editor – Rachel Wilson-Lowe


Pubs and Pubs “veterans” Krysten Blackstone, Sam Grinsell, and Laura Harrison will occupy a smaller supporting role on the committee. You will still be hearing plenty from Krysten, Sam, Laura – and the rest of our former committee members – during our five year anniversary celebrations in February.


See more about our committee via our “Who We Are” page


Stay tuned as Pubs and Publications continues to explore any and all aspects of the PhD experience. As ever, we welcome guest contributions from anyone interested. Please consult our “Call for Contributions” page for further information.



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