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Pubs and Publications has gone through a number of changes since I came on board two years ago.  My appointment as a Contributions Editor then was also the celebration of our 200th post – I am chair now, and we are now well over 300 posts.  Our posts in any one month span a variety of subjects: mental health, gender politics in academia, staring a PhD, finishing a PhD, what software is best, research trips & what Hogwarts house do you fit into as a PhD student , and countless other equally important topics.  All of these posts are centered around the ‘PhD Experience’ and whatever that may mean on that particular day.  None of this would be possible without our wonderful readers, and willing guest contributors.  The swaths of opinions and insights we are able to put on the blog is only because of you all, and for that we are very grateful.

As always with the developments in Pubs and Pub, there comes a time when we have to say goodbye to committee members.  Some  of our longest standing committee members have recently stepped down, to pursue post-PhD life.  We wish you all the best, and hope you take notes on every new thing you experience for your future blog posts with us.

Although we said goodbye to a number of veteran members, we are delighted to welcome four new members into the Pubs and Pubs fold.  We are particularly excited about this group of new members, because all of them are about to start their PhD’s in the fall!  For you, readers, this means that you’ll get to see their PhD journey unfold, through the ups, downs, plummets, joys, and everything in between.


Sophie Almond, Contributions Editor

I am a first year PhD student studying the history of the Medical Women’s Federation (MWF) from 1879 to 1945. I am based at the University of Leicester, where I also completed my BA and MA in English. I have a passion for the history of medicine, especially women doctors in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as the social and cultural histories of menstruation and the menopause. I enjoy completing Wolf Runs (very muddy obstacle courses), reading, and cooking in my spare time!

Louise Morgan, Contributions Editor

I am a first year PhD student at the University of Warwick, researching the historical precedence of orthorexia nervosa and concepts of clean eating through medicine and culture. I am particularly interested in the attribution of moral characteristics to food and diet. Originally from Perth, Scotland, I studied History at the University of Edinburgh and completed my Master’s in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology at Wolfson College, University of Oxford. Most recently I have been working as a student association coordinator based in Oban. Outside of research, I enjoy swimming, baking, and attempting to read for fun.

Sarah Thomson, Contributions Editor

I’m a first year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, where I’m researching the efforts to shape Ronald Reagan’s legacy during his final years in the White House. My research is co-supervised by the University of Glasgow, where I completed my MLitt. I also work at the National Library of Scotland’s film archive, where I showcase the collection’s America-themed holdings at every available opportunity! Most of my free time is either spent on trains between Edinburgh and Glasgow, or drinking coffee while reciting trivia about my favourite American presidents to anyone who’ll listen.

Tim Galsworthy, Topical Editor

I am a first year History PhD student at the University of Sussex. I hold a History BA from the University of Bristol and an American History MPhil from the University of Cambridge. My research explores American Civil War memory and the post-1945 Republican Party. I can often be found meandering around museums, memorials, and historic sites. For my inane views on these topics – and eclectic ramblings about sport, politics, and my collection of Presidential campaign ephemera – follow me on Twitter .  Beware my passionate hand gestures! And yes, I do know I look a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch.



Krysten Blackstone is the Chair of Pubs and Publications who uses this position to avoid writing the chapter(s) she has due in the imminent future.  You can find adamantly refusing to accept she is entering the third year of her PhD and procrastinating further on twitter.

Images belong to: pxhere, Sophie, Louise, Sarah, and Tim respectively.