By Laura Harrison |

It’s conference season! The editors of Pubs and Publications recently wrote a post with our conference tips, but we did not discuss one of the crucial aspects of conferences – the travelling. The following list will reveal what your choice of activity may say about you…

Doing thesis work

You probably travel a lot, and have a ritual surrounding how you set up your work station on the train. You are likely a commuter and are used to using this precious time for work purposes. You may also be close to submission, so all waking hours are spent on the thesis, regardless of where you may be.

Working on your powerpoint

You are likely a procrastinator, and the train provides the perfect opportunity to finish up the things you didn’t quite have time for. You may also be a perfectionist, and can’t help but continue to work on your presentation until the last possible second.

Listening to podcasts

You love learning, and you made sure to download a bunch of your favourite podcasts for the blissful four hours of uninterrupted podcast time. You very likely also get motion sick, so staring out of the window for the entire trip is really the only option for you (hello, friends).

Watching Netflix

You are a train-travelling veteran and you thought ahead by downloading the latest episode of Drag Race before you left. Your paper is printed and ready in your bag, and your powerpoint has not only been emailed but is also on a usb. You probably brought epic snacks. Everyone on the train is jealous of you.

Reading a book

You’re a bit old-school. You regularly lament that you don’t get to just sit and read a book anymore, so you relish this train time. You will probably get so lost in your book and the clackety-clack of the rails that you nearly miss your stop.


You are probably a person who can fall asleep anywhere, and the lull of the train makes you pass out approximately twenty-eight seconds after leaving your station. You may have also stayed out a bit too late after the conference dinner the night before. Either way, you may rely on the kindness of strangers to wake you up at the last stop.


Laura Harrison is currently a Publicity Editor for Pubs and Publications, and she recently submitted her PhD at the University of Edinburgh. You can find her on Twitter.


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