Today we launch our call for new committee members. Pubs and Publications, aka Pubs and Pubs, is run by and for postgraduate research students. We cover the highs, lows and confusions of life as a junior academic, everything from conference etiquette to planning a literature review. We even sometimes mention pubs. Without further ado, here are a few of the reasons you should consider joining:

Pubs and Publications gives me a forum to talk about my PhD problems and find fresh solutions to them

Roseanna Doughty, Publicity Editor

Be part of something

Since its foundation in 2015 Pubs and Publications has received over 100,000 views from readers across the world. You would be joining at an exciting moment in the expansion of the blog as we continue to grow our audience and find new ways to provide useful insights into PhD life.

There’s no i in pub

Although we have specific roles, we run things as a team. Everyone is free to contribute new ideas, and any challenges can be shared with the group. New members therefore receive the benefit of the experience of the established committee, while also being able to bring their own ideas from the outset. Showing experience of collaborative remote working is an excellent addition to your CV.


Writing about academia is doom and gloom; with Pubs and Pubs, I’ve loved working with people who can find the lighter side

Richard Parfitt, Topical Editor

The power of the lighter side

We generally see ourselves as a voice for a less doom-laden vision of academic life. Not that that stops us from occasionally peering into the void. But rooting the blog in the real experiences of students and early career researchers makes us a trusted source on the ins and outs of the system as experienced, beyond the general trends often covered in other publications.

Show you have the write stuff

Nothing hones your writing skills like regular editing of other people’s work. Plus you’ll be able to show that you can write for an online audience, away from the rigours of discipline-specific terminology. This is a great addition to any CV, as is the evidence of developing an online community.

Writing for Pubs and Publications keeps me in touch with students outside my field and how they cope with the stress

Drew Thomas, Technology Editor

There are more things in academia than are met with in your department

Pubs and Pubs is a great way to build a network beyond your institution and your discipline. You’ll also become more aware of how others deal with the struggles of postgraduate life, and receive regular reminders that you are not alone. You’d be surprised how often hearing about experiences in a completely different field from yours can shed new light on the challenges you face. Communicating in a way that can be read by people of all academic backgrounds will also be a great help in writing funding and job applications, within academia and beyond.

Where do I sign?

Any PhD student can apply to be on the committee. Most committee member are contributions editors or publicity editors, though positions are rotated fairly regularly. To apply, please email us at indicating your program, university, what year of your PhD you are in, and one idea for a blog post (just one sentence or a title). We look forward to hearing from you. Applications close on Friday 10th November.

Image by Bramley, Maurice (Australian Department of National Service) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons