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Welcome to Pubs and Pubs’s 200th post! It started with six posts from our six original committee members, which we launched with nearly two years ago. We have been churning out at least two posts (almost) every week ever since. Topics have included funding, relationships, mental health issues, teaching, writing, supervision, and space monkeys. We have just completed a new committee switch-over which ups our numbers to twelve, meaning we should have more time and human-power to make some exciting developments in the next few months. I am also stepping down as Editor-in-Chief, in the hopes I may eventually finish my thesis, but also so this blog can go on being useful without me for many years to come. That has always been our goal – to be useful. I can’t wait to see where Pubs and Pubs goes in the future, and I hope all our amazing readers will be right there with us. I still have a seat at the table (so to speak), and I will still be writing from time-to-time, but I wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to every single person ever involved with this project. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

Now, I am pleased to introduce our new committee members! And don’t forget to remind yourself of the old hats here.

Krysten Blackstone – Contributions Editor


I am a first year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, where my research is focused on the relationship between morale and identity during the American Revolution. While I completed both my Masters and Undergraduate degrees in Edinburgh as well, I hail from Maine, USA – five hours north of the nearest lighthouse, but where potato fields are ubiquitous.   My favourite pastime is explaining to people why, as an American, I chose to study American History, in Scotland.  When not doing that, I love baking copious amounts of pumpkin-based sweets to compliment my frequent coffee breaks, which I use as opportunities to discuss my enduring love for Thomas Paine.

Sam Grinsell – Contributions Editor


I am a first year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, studying British Imperial Architecture of the Nile Valley. I studied Ancient History and History at the University of Leicester as an undergraduate before spending a few years in the wilderness of low-end employment. I returned to Leicester for an MA in Urban History and discovered a fascination with the role of the built environment in the construction of power. I am also interested in the role of digital technologies in education, and have worked for IT Services at the University of Leicester and Technology Enhanced Learning at St Mary’s University. I am looking forward to exploring the pubs, hills, architecture and coastline of Edinburgh.

Anna Maguire – Contributions Editor


I have just submitted my PhD at King’s College London and Imperial War Museums, researching colonial encounters during the First World War. I like thinking and writing about twentieth century British social and cultural history, the history of the British Empire, and history and memory (particularly in museums). I am the very proud owner (for now) of a ‘portfolio career’ of teaching and research. When not facing the unknowns of the job market and getting my viva done, I love cooking, boxing, reading and Netflix. You can find me on Twitter.

Maurice Casey – Publicity Editor


I am a first year DPhil historian at Oxford University. I am originally from the small town of Cahir in Tipperary, Ireland. My research explores the international connections of interwar Irish radicalism. Essentially, I am interested in the non-political history of politics and exploring the everyday experience of radical activists. When I am not reading the (frequently awful) poetry of far left activists from the 1930s or attempting to learn Russian, I enjoy hill-walking, video games and photoshopping myself into historical scenarios.

Simon Wyatt – Publicity Editor


I am a second year materials science PhD student at Imperial College London, investigating the deformation performance of alloys used in civil aerospace and nuclear industries. Away from my studies I like to watch anime, follow a variety of sports, build scale models of WWII-era military vehicles and play rather a lot of video games. You can read my loudmouth commentary on politics and my beloved Liverpool FC on twitter. I’m sure you can guess the former from the latter.


Laura Harrison is the outgoing Editor-in-Chief of Pubs and Publications. She hopes this means she will actually finish her thesis, but instead will probably find another procrastination pet project. Follow her on twitter to find out what it will be.


Image 1: Wikimedia Commons; All other images courtesy of Krysten Blackstone, Sam Grinsell, Anna Maguire, Maurice Casey and Simon Wyatt