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We are excited to announce that we are recruiting new committee members this summer. Pubs and Publications (a.k.a. “Pubs and Pubs”) is a blog of, by, and for PhD students. We aim to cover the highs, lows, confusions, and lighter… Continue Reading →

Seeking Counselling During the PhD

By Megan King | Nowadays, we regularly hear how we need to prioritize our mental health. We listen to podcasts about wellbeing, we read blog posts about self-care, and we glance at advertisements for mental health apps. Maybe we even… Continue Reading →

Teaching Tutorials: How To Mark Efficiently

| Giovanna Pasquariello The fact that many PhD programmes – in the UK and not only – allow doctoral students to gain teaching experience as tutors is praiseworthy. It is an opportunity to build a teaching portfolio, gain confidence and improve… Continue Reading →

Prioritizing Self-care

By Megan King | In recent years, terms like “self-care” have permeated the academic arena. Universities have incorporated mindfulness sessions into their workshop offerings. Academics have shared memes about the mental health healing powers of the face mask. Self-care is… Continue Reading →

The Dream of Better Nights. Or: Troubled Sleep in Modern Times.

By Séveric Yersin | “Wanna learn more about your sleeping habits and create a better routine?” asks one of the smartwatch producers dominating the market. “When I fall asleep,” the woman explains in the dedicated ad, my watch “checks my… Continue Reading →

Teaching Tutorials – How To Make Discussion Flow

| Giovanna Pasquariello As doctoral researchers we are most likely required to gain teaching experience at some point of our PhD programme. In most UK universities at least, this takes the form of teaching tutorials to undergraduate – and some times… Continue Reading →

Monthly Committee Post – A Few Things Academia Could Do Better

As PhD researches we must have all heard at least one discussion on how draining living in an academic environment is, and on how many decide to just leave academia, and pursue other jobs, in which – they say –… Continue Reading →

Dine like royalty. Budget like a grad student. Part II.

By Megan King | September marks the time of year when students and teachers are returning to classrooms and PhD candidates are…well, wondering where those “quiet” months of summer writing time went. While it also technically ushers in Autumn, September… Continue Reading →

Committee post: A Gift to Your-1st Year-Self

It’s September again, and we all know what this means. New starts, new students, new plans for the academic year ahead. For those of you on your second year or beyond, do you remember how it felt when you started… Continue Reading →

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