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Inspiration, motivation and the PhD: What are your 3 reasons?

Ellie Ralph | When starting your PhD, as a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed student, you are full of motivation and passion for your research. However, we have all probably also been at the point when you have little to no motivation… Continue Reading →

Inspiration and perspiration: Committee post

Your PhD is started with inspiration, from a person or a movement or your background. Whatever it is, this spark is what keeps you going during the difficulties that inevitably pop up during the process. But sometimes, in the midst… Continue Reading →

6 things I wish I’d known before embarking on my PhD journey

I’m not sure about you but I always get the feeling that people who already have PhDs talk about their experiences as though they are reminiscing on a tragic accident and there’s often that glance of ‘knowing’ but not sharing… Continue Reading →

About the Perks of Doing Church History (and Theology)

By Seraina Berger | The German term Orchidenfach (orchid subject) refers to an academic field or discipline that is considered rare and exotic. In Switzerland, the term seams to apply to theological studies. Once the foundation of any university and… Continue Reading →

10 Books to Read This Women’s History Month

By Megan King | After a long day of writing, editing, teaching, attending meetings, and experiencing the standard joys of PhD life, we’re sometimes reluctant to switch off the computer and dive into a new book, particularly if that book… Continue Reading →

Committee Post: Big, Bad Habits

Let’s face it… We all have bad academic habits. It’s easy to slip into them and they’re hard to give up. Studies show it takes at least 21 days to break a habit, so this month, we asked our committee… Continue Reading →

Embracing the Digital: A Review of Scrivener for PhD Students

I admit, I can be a little old-fashioned when it comes to research and writing. While you’d still need to pry my paper planner out of my hands, the pandemic has changed the way I write and compile research. As… Continue Reading →

Technology can be overwhelming

By Séveric Yersin | Sometimes, technology can be overwhelming.  I once looked around me while working from home. I was surrounded by hi-tech gadgets. Laptop, monitor, smartphone, tablet, e-reader, headphones, wireless devices, and so on: technology was everywhere. I realised… Continue Reading →

‘Go with the flow’: why a PhD is like a river.

By Daniel Adamson | Neither metaphors nor similes tend to carry much weight in real life. With respect to both Roman Keating and Forrest Gump, knowing that life is a rollercoaster or like a box of chocolates is unlikely to… Continue Reading →

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