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We are excited to announce that we are recruiting new committee members this summer. Pubs and Publications (a.k.a. “Pubs and Pubs”) is a blog of, by, and for PhD students. We aim to cover the highs, lows, confusions, and lighter… Continue Reading →

Dine like royalty. Budget like a grad student. Part II.

By Megan King | September marks the time of year when students and teachers are returning to classrooms and PhD candidates are…well, wondering where those “quiet” months of summer writing time went. While it also technically ushers in Autumn, September… Continue Reading →

Committee post: A Gift to Your-1st Year-Self

It’s September again, and we all know what this means. New starts, new students, new plans for the academic year ahead. For those of you on your second year or beyond, do you remember how it felt when you started… Continue Reading →

Transferable skills: an ode to flexibility or a consolation prize?

| Giovanna Pasquariello As I am entering my third year of PhD, that smoky prospect of the future is getting closer and closer. But not clearer. To caress the idea that I am actually doing something to prepare for the job… Continue Reading →

Money, money, money! (August Committee Post)

This month’s committee post is all about budgeting during your PhD! From research costs, to paying for conferences, to balancing your own personal finances, our committee gives you all the tips and tricks! Vesna Curlic Financial planning for PhDs is… Continue Reading →

Summer Quiz: What kind of annoying PhD candidate are you?

By Séveric Yersin | Does everybody roll their eyes when you talk about your research? It’s time to be honest and face the truth: PhD candidates aren’t the most beloved, the most interesting, the most fun people there are. Their… Continue Reading →

Tailor yourself and your PhD. A quick start guide

| Giovanna Pasquariello When I was an undergraduate in Italy and I had to prepare the defence of my dissertation, my supervisor at the time suggested me: “Tailor your dress!”. A rather confusing exclamation, and one of the best advices I… Continue Reading →

Committee Post: Academic Summer Vacation Plans

Here at Pubs and Pubs are big proponents of rest, relaxation, and work-life balance during the PhD experience. This month, we’re talking summer vacation. Even though travel is still limited, we’re encouraging you to take your annual leave and spend… Continue Reading →

The floor is yours #3 – A look outside academia. Interviewing a BIPOC PhD

Today’s interviewee is a PhD student in Clinical Linguistics. She comes from India, but she has lived in many different countries before moving to the UK for her doctoral studies. ***DISCLAIMER***  Throughout the interview and the whole month of June… Continue Reading →

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