What we’ve been reading

31/10/17David Hume, 'On Essay Writing'
David Hume, 'On the Standard of Taste'
Fred Parker, 'Skepticism and Literature'
17/10/17Hannah Arendt, 'Work'
03/10/17Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction'
11/04/17Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Death of a Discipline, Chapter 1
04/04/17Stanley Cavell, 'Leopards in Connecticut'
Howard Hawks, Bringing Up Baby
21/03/17Linda Martín Alcoff, Objectivity and its Politics
Linda Martín Alcoff, An Epistemology for the Next Revolution
14/03/17Stanley Cavell, Disowning Knowledge, Introduction and Chapter 5
07/03/17Martha Nussbaum, Love's Knowledge, Chapters 3 and 11
28/02/17Martha Nussbaum, Love's Knowledge
21/02/17Plato, Ion
Plato, Republic, Book X
14/02/17Julia Kristeva, 'Is There a Feminine Genius?'
Donna Haraway, 'Situated Knowledges'
07/02/17Julia Kristeva, 'Word, Dialogue, Novel'
31/01/17Martin Heidegger, 'The Origin of the Work of Art'
24/01/17Martin Heidegger, 'Building, Dwelling, Thinking'
Martin Heidegger, 'Poetically Man Dwells'
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