Visit to Japan

Identifying best practice and developing guidelines for migrant care workers to provide culturally sensitive person-centred care for older people and people with dementia in Japan

Dr Radha Adhikari and Professor Pam Smith have just spent 12 days in Japan collecting data for this project funded by the Butterfield Awards for UK-Japan collaboration in medical research and public health practice. Radha is the PI and the project builds on her research collaboration since 2014 with Professor Ruth Carlos, Professor of Economics, Faculty of International Studies, Ryukoko University, Kyoto on the global workforce and migrant care workers in Japan.

Radha interviewing a Filipina care worker

Radha interviewing a Filipina care worker

Group discussion at the Nara Higashi Hospital Group

Group discussion at the Nara Higashi Hospital Group

Group photo at the Maimu Nursing Home, Maizuru, Kyoto

Group photo at the Maimu Nursing Home, Maizuru, Kyoto

Radha & Pam visiting a temple to see Autumn leaves

Radha & Pam visiting a temple to see Autumn leaves

Mount Fuji from the Shikansen ‘bullet train’

Nursing Studies is Number 1!


Nursing studies at the University of Edinburgh came out on top of the Complete University Guide University rankings 2018 yesterday.
photo 60 years

Nursing Studies Staff and Students in the Medical Quad- celebrating 60 years of nursing education!

Our undergraduate honours degree has been given an impressive 100% overall score.

One of our current students was happy to tell us why she thinks the University of Edinburgh is the best place to study nursing.

‘I can name 100 reasons why studying to be a nurse at Edinburgh University is great: the balance of academic, clinical and patient-centered learning, the constant support, life-long friendships, wide array of resources, beautiful city or the endless opportunities it gives you. But simply I’d only say one thing, they don’t just teach you a degree but constantly push you to become the best nurse you can be and what more could you want than that’

Emma-Jane, Nursing Studies Class 2016-2020

More information on our nursing course can be found here



PhD Nursing Students’ Visit to the Sick Kids Hospital, Edinburgh.

Some of our Postgraduate students managed to fit a visit to the ‘Sick Kids’ hospital around their studies.

The visit was organised by Sharon Levy and Clarissa (a PhD Student in Nursing Studies).  A group of six PhD Nursing Students accompanied by Sharon went to the Royal hospital for Sick Children ‘Sick Kids’ on Thursday February 9, 2017.

The group were met by  Lindsay McLeish, a Health and Wellbeing Nurse, who gave the group a detailed lecture about her specialty area – Transition of clients (children) with long term illness/ disabilities especially spinal bifida and hydrocephalus into adult care.

There was time to explore the need for this service, schedule of activities, challenges faced and the proposed way forward as part of the session.

Time was also spent considering the Scotland Framework – Getting it right for every child and Ready, Steady, Go – Transition to adult services assessment package.

The PhD students who are all from different parts (countries) of the world also exchanged their experiences on how children with such conditions are managed in their different countries. Some suggestions were given, questions, concerns and clarifications were also made. It was an interactive and educative experience for all involved!

Nursing Studies Conference ‘Leaps in the Dark’

Nursing Studies @ The University of Edinburgh


‘Leaps in the Dark’: Celebrating 60 years of Nursing Studies

Venue: John McIntyre Conference Centre, Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh

Our alumni conference took place on November 4th and brought the Nursing Studies; 2016 Diamond Jubilee Year celebrations to a close. The purpose of the  conference was to hear about the ‘leaps’ taken by individuals and groups over the six decades of Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Why ‘Leaps in the Dark’? The conference theme was inspired by the history of the Nursing Studies’ Department: ‘A Leap in the Dark’ written by Dr Rosemary Weir (1996, the Book Factory, London) to mark the fortieth anniversary.

Click on the following links to read and see more about the conference:

Head of Nursing, Sheila Rodgers and Pam Smith one of the conference organisers;

Delegates gathering prior to the start of the conference;

Professor Tonks Fawcett during the break with Professor Margaret Alexander and one of the delegates:

Pam Smith (Right) with Linden Jeffrey (Left) her friend and co-alumna from the University of Manchester’s Bachelor of Nursing programme. The Edinburgh alumni conference gave Pam the idea to organise an alumna event in Manchester to mark 1966, the fiftieth anniversary of becoming  a nursing student. Read more about the event on the University of Manchester website below:

‘Super nurses’ re-unite 46 years after becoming England’s first with degrees

11 Nov 2016

International PG Students visit Clinical Areas in NHS Lothian

This year one of the current MSc Students hosted student colleagues her own clinical area.


Angie Balfour is currently an MSc student herself offered a group of international students an insight to her clinical work at NHS Lothian.

20161124_145016Angie was able to describe the research she is involved in and the innovative practice she is prompting both here in Scotland and across the globe. The students had many questions and reflections to share from their own practice and country of origin.

20161124_143431They were intrigued to see the early mobilisation of patients after elective surgery and the type of interventions Angie is able to embed within clinical practice. Being in the coldest corridor in Scotland will also be one of the vivid memories that our international students will take away from the fantastic visit that Angie organised for – A big thank you from us all!20161124_141222

Carolyn receives QNIS award

A current postgraduate student in Nursing Studies received an award from the Queens Nursing Institute Scotland (QNIS).  Carolyn is currently studying the Postgraduate Certificate in Managing Health and Social Care.

On the 10th November 1980 I started studying Nursing at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Exactly 36 years later on the 10th November 2016 I was nominated by Edinburgh University to receive the Queens Nursing Institute Scotland Academic Award for ‘promoting excellence in community nursing’.


As a true ‘lifelong learner’, I have experienced the evolution of nurse education from on the job hospital based teaching to degree level learning. At this later stage in my career, I am embracing the opportunity to study with, and learn from, fellow Nurses from across the world and generations.  Thank you to the Tutors and my fellow Students.

Well Done Carolyn!


Sharing E-health Research and Practice with Nursing Studies

We had the pleasure to host Dr Mette Kaltoft and Pofessor Jack Dowie who delivered a fascinating talk entitled “Enhancing person-centred care and health decision literacy via multi-criteria based decision support”. The talk focused on the Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and the online interactive visual template (Annalisa).


The speakers argued that e-decision support, will have major implications for the way patients and healthcare professionals make shared decisions that fit person centred care.

The recording of the talk is available here:


New Norms and Forms of Development, Malawi dissemination event, Lilongwe

New Norms and Forms of Development, Malawi dissemination event, Lilongwe

26th of August 2016, 8 am – 2 pm

The final dissemination event of the New Norms and Forms of Development project was held at the Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, Malawi. The Guest of Honor was Dr. Ronald Mangani. The 37 participants included national and international donor agencies and NGOs, academics and Malawian Government officials. Mr Gibson Masache, on behalf of our research partner Kamuzu College of Nursing gave a brief introduction to the day’s programme. He then introduced Ms. Fannie Kachale (Director, Reproductive Health Unit, MoH) who welcomed the Guest of Honour and other participants, including the research team in KCN and University of Edinburgh. Ms Kachale then briefly talked about the Maternal and Child Health situation in Malawi, and her support towards this research and the value of the findings for External Development Partners and also for the Malawian Health system.

Based on his current experience as the Secretary to the Treasury, Government of Malawi, Dr. Ronald Mangani gave a very moving talk on foreign aid in Malawi and the major challenges related to donor coordination. He highlighted aid dependency a major development challenge in the country. He also talked about another major issue of aid sustainability, as there is an increasing trend in donors channeling funds outside of the government system. Prof. Address Malata and Prof. Pam Smith gave a brief introduction to the research project and the nature of collaboration / partnership between the KCN and University of Edinburgh. Then Dr. Jeevan Sharma and Dr. Radha Adhikari presented key research findings, which were:

  • Social and political organization plays a key role in international development
  • Use of relationships and institutional networks is vital for programmatic success
  • Development projects and programmes are based on new norms of ‘value for money, evidence and measurement of results’.

Following the event, participants gathered for a group photograph to celebrate the successful completion of the project.


There was a dedicated time for open discussion. Participants raised very important issues around foreign aid, sustainability and donors’ behavior and current challenges the Malawian government/health system is facing. All participants were very engaged and raised critical questions around the foreign aid channeling mechanism in Malawi. In summary, all participants found our study findings critical to Malawi’s health system and very policy relevant. A number of participants including Dr. Ruth Mwandira from the DFID, Victoria Loiya, GIZ (Technical Advisor) suggested that they would share the key findings with their senior policy staff in their organisations.


Nursing Studies Student receives an Undergraduate Award!

Nursing Studies Student, Esther Cherukara, is the Regional Winner in the Nursing and Midwifery category in the Undergraduate Awards.

The Undergraduate Awards (UA)announced the winners of the 2016 programme with entrants from across the University of Edinburgh featuring in top spots. Cited as the ultimate champion of high-potential undergraduates, and often referred to as a “junior Nobel Prize”, The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s largest international academic awards programme, recognising excellent research and original work across the sciences, humanities, business and creative arts.

The Undergraduate Awards received a record number of submission in the 2016 programme, totalling a massive 5,514 papers from undergraduates  in 244 institutions and 121 nationalities.


Esther’s paper ‘The India Pad Project’ is the highest performing paper in the Europe region in the Nursing and Midwifery category. The Regional Winner is the highest performing Highly Commended paper within their region.

The India Pad Project was first created for the honours option in Global Public Health I took in third year. I had already decided to go to India for my clinical elective and so thought it would be a good idea to learn more about the country before I went. I have a strong interest in women’s health and upon doing some reading into the matter I realised that the topic of menstruation and reproductive health is still a very taboo topic in India. The project had several aims and was inspired by one of a similar nature already in place in Uganda.


The first aim was to provide women of all ages with a good education in reproductive health. The next was to provide sustainable jobs for women by teaching them how to manufacture and sell reusable sanitary products. These would then be available for all women, particularly adolescent girls as many are missing school because of their period. By providing them with proper sanitary products it would encourage school attendance allowing them to get a full education and go on to achieve their dreams.


As a student nurse at Edinburgh University I’ve always been encouraged to pursue my goals which is why I want to do the same for these women. Actually going to India for my clinical elective was an extraordinary experience. It has made me really appreciate how excellent the NHS really is and has made me all the more excited for qualifying as a nurse in 2017.

Well Done Esther- what an exciting project and well deserved award!



Welcome to the new MSc ANP students!

We welcomed the new cohort of MSC/MN students who joined us this year and sent them to what is now a customary ‘initiation’ exercise – our Royal Mile treasure hunt.

The treasure hunt is now an annual event in the Nursing studies calendar and offers the new students to get to know each other and see the city.


The bad weather did not hold them back and they were able to find the clues and answer all – well almost all – the questions.

Following a rigorous judging the team with the highest score (240 from available 200) was declared winners!