Postgraduates Students Visit to Western General Hospital

On 16th October students from the MSc in Advanced Nursing Practice spent an unusual afternoon visiting the Western General Hospital, instead of having a regular Personal & Professional Development tutorial.

Western General Hospital

The group met a former MSc student, Angie Balfour, who gave the current students a nice opportunity to explore the hospital and provided them with a deeper insight about the environment of NHS in Lothian area.

Angie presenting ERAS project

First Angie presented her work as a senior research nurse at WGH mainly looking at ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) a programme designed to aid fast recovery after surgical interventions.

Students had a good opportunity to ask questions and exchange knowledge and experience among a diverse multinational group.

Students in Colorectal Unit meeting room

Students discussing the NHS environment with Angie

By the end of the day, students were thankful to Angie for providing such an opportunity to explore the WGH, and for the new ideas they had after the ERAS presentation. Thanks to Sharon and Angie for organizing this visit. As a group, we are all looking forward to visiting other NHS settings in the Lothian area to learn and discover even more.

Esra Sinary
MSc Advanced Nursing Practice 2017-18

International PG Students visit Clinical Areas in NHS Lothian

This year one of the current MSc Students hosted student colleagues her own clinical area.


Angie Balfour is currently an MSc student herself offered a group of international students an insight to her clinical work at NHS Lothian.

20161124_145016Angie was able to describe the research she is involved in and the innovative practice she is prompting both here in Scotland and across the globe. The students had many questions and reflections to share from their own practice and country of origin.

20161124_143431They were intrigued to see the early mobilisation of patients after elective surgery and the type of interventions Angie is able to embed within clinical practice. Being in the coldest corridor in Scotland will also be one of the vivid memories that our international students will take away from the fantastic visit that Angie organised for – A big thank you from us all!20161124_141222

MSc Student takes ERAS to Canada

One of the MSc students, Angie Balfour, is just back from Canada where she had been invited to present on the ERAS programme.  This is a programme which she is involved in as part of her clinical work in NHS Lothian.

ERAS or ‘Enhanced Recovery After Surgery’ is a Multi-Modal, Multi-Disciplinary, evidence-based programme of care that aims to recover patients’ better quicker following elective surgery (go to www.ERAS for further information).

No stranger to sharing ERAS with others, Angie had been specially invited to Edmonton, Canada to be part of the Western Canada Nutrition Day on October 18, 2014.

Speakers Angie Balfour and Douglas Paddon‐Jones with organiser Mary Anne Yurkiw

Speakers Angie Balfour and Douglas Paddon‐Jones with organiser Mary Anne Yurkiw

Angie says this e-mail started her Enhanced Recovery World Tour 2014.

“Hi Angie – I hope this finds you well!   I am writing to see if you would be willing and able to come to Edmonton for our Western Canada Nutrition Day on October 18, 2014. I have copied Maryanne Yurkiw who is our conference organizer here – I will ask that she forward a copy of the program to you. It would be great to see you – our ERAS work is really taking off and our nurses would benefit from your insights and expertise!” – it was not an invitation that could be refused!

Angie was asked to present not just once, but twice!  First to the nurses during “Grand Rounds” and then at the conference which had a mix of surgeons/ anaesthetists/ managers and other key health boards members in attendance. They wanted to hear the experiences in Edinburgh trying to implement and sustain the ERAS programme.

‘There have been hi’s and lows” – this met with laughter and an appreciation from the audience about how challenging it can be to make systematic changes like this in our Health care systems. I was able to report that despite some on going challenges, there has been progress throughout Scotland and the UK and ERAS is now being implemented in more and more elective procedures. The feedback from the event organisers has been very positive and I enjoyed the experience’  Angie Balfour MSc ACS Student

Well Done Angie! What an achievement!