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Nurses are often described as closest to the patient as we carry out intimate work involved in delivery of person centred care. But nursing is not just about caring activities but also a profession and a unique discipline with a distinct body of knowledge.

Nursing Studies is based in the north west of the Medical School building

Nursing Studies is based in the north west of the Medical School building

Competent nursing care is delivered by using highly technical skills, involves complex decision making and aims to support people using a compassionate ethos. Being a nurse can be very demanding, extremely rewarding and always a privilege!

Nursing in the 21st century is facing many challenges in the way we respond to new technologies, advances in science and the impact of demographic and global societal changes. Nurses must be given an opportunity to advance their knowledge and practice and continue to offer optimal and evidence based care. Nurse led research is critical to embedding innovation in practice and establish the key role nursing staff have in supporting people to maintain and regain their health and wellness.


Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh

Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh has a strong foundation being the first Department of Nursing in Europe and enjoys an established track record in research. We are immensely proud of not only our tradition of excellence but continue to sustain this with Nursing at Edinburgh being placed top of the Guardian University Guide and Complete University Guide league tables for the tenth consecutive year.

Students at Edinburgh continue to secure employment on graduation and emerge as leaders as they progress in their careers. Our graduates join a distinguished group of alumni who are at the forefront of clinical care, research and management. We are proud to be producing world class research alongside world class students and enable nurses to make a difference to the quality of people’s lives.

This blog is set to give us an opportunity to share our ‘stories’ with a wider audience. We want to celebrate nursing and the work our students and staff produce. It is our gateway to the ‘unknown’, where we reach out to a new audience using a dynamic social media portal. It is a cradle for creativity and a space to replenish our desire to excel as professional healthcare providers.

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