A ‘sepsis’ exchange!

Sepsis is a major health concern and its understanding and management forms a key part of our BN with Honours curriculum. It is a challenging concern and not always easily understood as the pathophysiology is complex and, once established, sepsis can be difficult to contain.  Despite this it is a most rewarding field of research and study.

It was therefore a real pleasure to approached by Edinburgh’s George Watson’s College to give a talk on Sepsis to their senior school students who were members of their Science and Engineering Society. Uncertain as to how to pitch this outwith the University setting and in a relatively short presentation time, I knew I had to rethink the content and messages to suit this particular audience.

Watson’s College is an impressive building which must inspire its students. The auditorium was equally so and the audience, both staff and students, was welcoming and enthusiastic. It worked. They were engaged, responsive and enquiring. I could not help but see them all as prospective undergraduates with us.  They left, I hope, with some key messages to help them understand how sepsis develops, how it might be prevented, who is at risk and what key early warning signs should alert them for action.  I also hope they sensed my passion for nursing and rewards from this career path and indeed that of all health care professions.

It would be a real joy if some of the student audience might bring their enthusiasm to our nursing degree or to medicine here at the University of Edinburgh.

I left with chocolates and a smile.

Tonks N Fawcett
Professor of Student Learning (Nurse Education)


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