Used with permission of Neco CelikNeco Çelik is one of the most significant new German theatre directors of a migratory background.

Based in Berlin, he is at the centre of its highly productive ‘postmigrant theatre’ scene there and his productions have found international resonance, touring, for example, to New York. Çelik himself has provided much critical commentary on the relationship between the German arts establishment and Germany’s Muslim communities.

In May 2015 we were lucky enough to welcome Neco Çelik to Edinburgh and introduce him both to our students at the University and to a new audience here in the city.

Through public discussions, film screenings, a symposium and workshop we wanted to share a ‘postmigrant Germany’ with you that is not widely known in this country but whose challenges and vitality may shape the thinking of post/migrant issues in Scotland. In doing so, we also want to help promote fruitful ties between German and Scottish theatre.

Questions we were be asking along the way included:

  • What is the relationship between theatrical representation and inclusion in the ‘narrative’ of a nation in Germany and Scotland?
  • Is the term ‘postmigration’ applicable beyond Germany?
  • How can we facilitate the exchange of knowledge and practice between students, researchers and theatre practitioners, and between Germany and Scotland?

To see what kind of answers we came up with, you can now access a recording of part of the visit here.

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