Head of School’s Comment

For many academic and administration staff, you will be deep in one of the busiest times of your working year with marking and getting ready for exam and progression boards. For others, summer will also be taken up with supervision and marking of masters dissertations. Of course, doctoral supervision continues and intensifies as students move to final write-ups.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to each of you not just for this final point of the academic year – getting students to graduation but also for all the pastoral and academic care you have undertaken all year.

I am always conscious that we only capture a very small part of the tremendous amount of activity that takes place in the School. So, if you have not featured recently in a newsletter, please accept my apologies. Also, drop me a line if the initiative is still current and could be mentioned in the next newsletter – for August 2015.

Staff – Student Quiz Event – 7th of May 2015

While the country took to elections on 7th May, some of Moray House staff and students were preparing to test their knowledge at the School Quiz event.


The theme was that of Internationalisation. The quiz incorporated questions that were designed to help participants learn about the countries and cultures that make up our vibrant academic community. This was backed up with world cuisine that was in most cases made personally and brought by participants – the networking after the event went on till way past the finish time.

There were three teams. Each team was diverse and had some combination of UG/PG students, academic and administration staff.  The audience joined in the fun very much in the spirit of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’


A competitively fought quiz resulted in the following rankings and a worthy team of winners:

Team Taj Mahal  – WINNERS!! (from Sport Management)
Jay Lee (Academic Staff)
Morgane Jarles (UG Student
Mo Han (PG Student)
Luyang Syvanen (PG student)

Team Colosseum – 1ST RUNNERS UP
Marzia Ballardin (Administration/Support staff)
Shereen  Benjamin (Academic staff)
Kirsty Martin (Academic staff)
Kathryn Hamilton (Academic staff)
Guy Puzey (Administration / Support staff)

Team Giza Pyramid – 2ND RUNNERS UP
Jenn Salfen (PhD)
Yvonne Laird (PhD)
Agnieszka Kwiatkowska (PhD)
Ania Byeley (PhD)
Yuanyuan LI (MSc Tesol)

Congratulations to the winning team as well a massive thanks to the largely student led team that designed and took ownership of such a fantastic evening. We have had very positive responses back from those who were able to attend.  Well done and thank you to the following people: Charles Anderson, Elena Novo Cabana, Krystallia Kyritsi, Labake Fakunle, Andrew Drybrough, Sophia Shan, Rebekah Walker, Ollie Korpimaki, Fran Ortega, Colin Campbell, Marie Hamilton, Lorraine Denholm, Michele Carilo.


The student team is already planning an Autumn Quiz. So if you or your programme did not take part this time…why not consider entering this autumn?

EUSA Teaching Awards

In recent editions we have been listing an ever running list of names that have been nominated for the EUSA teaching awards. In addition to those named previously, we have also become aware of the following nominations:

Christine Sinclair                Morag Crolla            Daniel Lam               Maria Dasli  

Lorraine Denholm              Judy Robertson       Jay Lee                       Joan Cutting

Amanda Martinadale        Clara O’shea             Brona Murphy         Gavin Reid   

There are many who have now been nominated and some with multiple nominations.  I think it is particularly great when courses/programmes are nominated and I would like to headline the courses/programmes that have been nominated within the School.

  • Applied Sport Science
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Community Education
  • Course Design – MSc in Digital Education
  • Ecology and Field Studies
  • Effective Course Design
  • E-Learning, Politics and Society
  • Introduction to Digital Game Based Learning
  • Language and Culture Pedagogy
  • Nature of Inquiry
  • Online Languages Learning
  • TESOL Methodology
  • Theories and Politics of Social Justice

You should all feel tremendously proud, this is great recognition. Our School has been well represented in this process.  Full details of the now completed EUSA Teaching Awards process can be viewed here.

Well done to John Ravenscroft, Rachel O’Neil and Audrey Cameron, who on the 12th of May were invited to the Scottish Parliament to give evidence to the Scottish Education & Culture Committee on the subject attainment pupils with a sensory impairment inquiry.  A good example of recognition and impact.

Colleagues who listen to the Good Morning Scotland Radio show may also have heard Rachel O’Neil talking earlier this month on the Scottish Sensory Centre’s work with the BSL Glossary and Deaf Education.  For those who missed it, here is the audio link. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05vhl6n (from 1.53 of the link)

The ‘Teacherbot’

Colleagues in the MScDigital Education group have developed a simple ‘teacherbot’ which has been teaching alongside the team of human teachers in their recent MOOC, ‘E-learning and digital cultures’.

The ‘teacherbot,’ apparently affectionately known as ‘Botty,’ was an experiment in thinking about how code, algorithm and automation could be used in order to ask critical questions about the future of teacher automation. To find out more, check out these links.

Staff Viva Successes

Congratulations to Claire Valentin and Mike Lynch who recently defended their theses successfully.

Well done to both of you from all of us. Anyone working full time and studying will know it takes a great deal of commitment, work and unsociably long hours. However, it is also very rewarding when you reach that end point. So, I would like to encourage those of you still on the journey- keep going!

Netherlands – Scotland Knowledge Exchange

On May 21-22nd Lani Florian and Lynne Pratt hosted a delegation of teacher educators from The Netherlands on a study visit to Edinburgh to learn about Scottish developments in teacher education for inclusion.  As the photo shows, our Dutch colleagues were treated to an outstanding presentation from some of our PGDE secondary students and teachers from placement schools!Knowledge Exchange

Fatigue in Sport and Exercise

Well done to Shaun Phillips in SPEHS who recently had his book published Fatigue in Sport and Exercise, published by Routledge.Book

Fatigue is an important concern for all athletes, sportspeople and coaches, and in clinical exercise science. There remains considerable debate about the definition of fatigue, what causes it, what its impact is during different forms of exercise, and what the best methods are to combat fatigue and improve performance. This is the first student-focused book to survey the contemporary research evidence into exercise-induced fatigue and to discuss how knowledge of fatigue can be applied in sport and exercise contexts.

Book Launch

‘Everyone’s Future: Lessons from fifty years of Scottish comprehensive schooling’ Edited by Daniel (Danny) Murphy, Linda Croxford, Cathy Howieson and David Raffe

Book LaunchYou are all warmly invited to this Book Launch on

June 16th @ 4.30pm

Room G43, Paterson’s Land,

Light refreshments will be served

RSVP: etl@ed.ac.uk

It is fifty years since comprehensive education was introduced in Scotland, England and Wales. But while the ideal of comprehensive education has been largely abandoned in England, comprehensive schools are alive and well in Scotland and command public support. This long-term overview of the development of the Scottish system, with contrasting accounts from England, Northern Ireland and Wales, concludes that comprehensive schooling, linked to underlying democratic values of liberty, equality and fraternity, has made a positive difference to the development of contemporary Scotland.

Bronze Award Winner

Very pleased about the recent success as a School in the Sustainability and Social Responsibility Awards. We won a bronze medal!

A key theme of the University’s strategic plan is sustainability and social responsibility. Moray House is proud to play its part in this and recently our efforts were recognised with a ‘Bronze Office Award’ in the sustainability awards 2014-2015. Thank you for your efforts so far and there is still much more to be done as we seek silver or gold awards for 2015-2016.


[Fiona Giles and Simon Christie collect a Bronze award on behalf of the School]

In an associated area, our colleague Simon Christie has informed us that the University is interested to hear our views on social responsibility and sustainability and it will take you two minutes to fill out this very short survey.

£100 Winner

Congratulations to one of our students, Christina Sheffield (MA Physical Ed – 2014/15) who was the lucky winner of a £100 shopping voucher when she partook in this year’s Edinburgh Student Experience Survey for UG students.

The responses that Christina and others provided play an important role in shaping the student experience here at Edinburgh and will help inform changes that will benefit herself and other students.