Dr Paul Dickerson

Affiliation: University of Roehampton

I am interested in conversation and discourse analysis. One strand of this interest involves using conversation and discourse analysis to investigate issues such as communicative impairment (autism and aphasia), interactions with robots and political talk. A second strand of this interest concerns the various debates to be had with and within various aspects of social psychology.

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Email: p.dickerson@roehampton.ac.uk

Dr Sheryl Prentice

Sheryl Prentice

Affiliation: Lancaster University

Sheryl Prentice (PhD, Lancaster, UK) is currently a researcher on the Native Language Influence Detection 6 project at Lancaster University, UK. She is a member of Lancaster University’s Corpus Approaches to Social Science Centre (CASS) and the University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language (UCREL). She specializes in the psycho-linguistic study of violent extremism from a multidisciplinary perspective, particularly via the use of automated approaches. She has published papers on the use of corpus linguistic methods in the study of online counter(terrorism) and radicalization, and nationalism.

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