“‘I was seeing more of her’: international counselling trainees’ perceived benefits of intercultural clinical practice” by Lorena Georgiadou


Counsellor education in Britain is steadily turning into a multicultural environment. The limited relevant literature focuses on the challenges that ‘culturally different’ and international trainees may encounter. The aim of this paper is to elucidate a rarely exposed aspect of international counselling trainees’ training experience, namely, the benefits they identify in practising across languages and cultures during placement. The illustration of this positive perspective is pertinent to the profession, as it expands existing knowledge on international trainees’ experience of clinical practice and it challenges the prevailing conceptualisation of this situation as potentially problematic. It is argued that a shift towards a more holistic understanding of this population’s counselling experiences is likely to have particularly useful implications for counsellor education and the profession more broadly.




Dr Lorena Georgiadou

Lorena Georgadiou

Affiliation : University of Edinburgh

Lorena Georgiadou is Lecturer in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in the role of linguistic and cultural diversity in relational contexts such as Higher Education, counselling and research practice.

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