Dr Anders Nordahl-Hansen

Affiliation: University of Oslo

My research mainly involves the development of social communication and language in children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. I currently hold the position as a postdoc at the department of special needs education at the University of Oslo, Norway, where I am conducting a Campbell Systematic Review on language interventions for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Another project concerns how media, in particular TV and film, portrays characters autism spectrum disorders. This project is one of the few that quantitatively evaluate fictional characters with ASD up against diagnostic criteria. The papers related to this project have been published in Psychiatry Research, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, The Lancet Psychiatry as well as a book-chapter in Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have also been involved on a project lead by Roald Øien at the University of Tromsø and Yale University that evaluate different screening instruments for autism spectrum disorders.

In collaboration with Roald Øien, Logan Hart we have worked as guest editors for a special issue in Journal of Autism and developmental Disorders (The April 2018 Issue) that contain some 30 papers related to the area of parenting and primary caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorders.

I collaborate with researchers from among others The University of Edinburgh, University of Tromsø, Yale University, Royal Holloway – University of London, and the University of Helsinki.

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Dr Paul Dickerson

Affiliation: University of Roehampton

I am interested in conversation and discourse analysis. One strand of this interest involves using conversation and discourse analysis to investigate issues such as communicative impairment (autism and aphasia), interactions with robots and political talk. A second strand of this interest concerns the various debates to be had with and within various aspects of social psychology.

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Email: p.dickerson@roehampton.ac.uk