The “Language and Mind Network” is an international and interdisciplinary network and blog for knowledge exchange within the field of language and the psychological sciences and humanities, ranging from psychotherapy, psychoanalytic theories, philosophy, literature and the arts as well as social phenomena.

Our aim is to create an open environment for academics, practitioners and students to share news and resources related to teaching, development and research in the field of language and the mind.

Joining the network

By joining the network you will be part of an international community of academics and actively benefit from the news and resources being shared on this this blog. Your name and biography as well as a link to your web-page will be published in the ‘Network members’ area. To join, email Laura Cariola and include you name, affiliation, email address and a mini-biography with a list of your key interest areas.

You can also follow the “Language and Mind Research Network” on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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