“How language and image construct synaesthetic metaphors in print advertising” by Bologonesi & Lievers

How language and image construct synaesthetic metaphors in print advertising

Marianna Bologensi & Francesca Strik Lievers

Research in (multi-)sensory marketing suggests that engaging consumers’ senses is an efficient way to create effective advertisements. In this study, the authors explore how sensory cues are used in print advertising. In particular, they identify and describe print advertisements featuring instances of synaesthesia, that is, a metaphor by which properties of a given sensory modality are attributed to a concept that relates primarily to a different sensory modality. They propose that these advertisements can be classified based on the role played by the image and the text, as well as based on the way visual and linguistic elements interact. They also outline how their contribution can set theoretical groundwork for the design of new empirical research questions in cognitive sciences and marketing studies.


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