X: Albertazzi on Experimental Phenomenology

The next reading from a keynote for our upcoming conference is Liliana Albertazzi’s

“Experimental Phenomenology: An Introduction” (2013) in Handbook of Experimental Phenomenology: Visual Perception of Shape, Space, and Appearance, ed. Albertazzi: Wiley.

Albertazzi picks up several of the themes we’ve addressed so far in this group, articulating the foundations for a contemporary experimental method that builds on (and beyond) the methods of Husserl, Köhler, Kanizsa, and others in the convergent gestalt and phenomenological traditions. Albertazzi defends phenomenology from the worry that subjective experiences may not be accessed experimentally, and surveys recent specific methods for measuring and modeling the subjective qualities of experience.  Her arguments here provide a firm testing ground for the remit of our group, not only to examine the historical cross-pollination between gestalt psychology and phenomenology, but also to consider the relevance of these traditions for contemporary cognitive science.

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