Eighteenth-Century Research Seminars 2020

All seminars will be held at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), University of Edinburgh, Hope Park Square, EH8 9NW, from 4:30–6pm.

Wednesday 22 January

Georgia Vullinghs (Edinburgh): ‘“Oh had I been a more useful sex!” Jacobite women and acts of loyalty’

Alastair Noble (Edinburgh): ‘“A fair and just light”: the understanding and use of history in the post-Culloden Highlands’


Wednesday 5 February

Eileen Zhao (Edinburgh): ‘Sick Body, selfhood and the temporal experience in Dream of the Red Chamber’

Joyce Dixon (Edinburgh): ‘Azure Blue, Verdigris Green, Sulphur Yellow: The mineralogical origins of Patrick Syme Wener’s Nomenclature of Colours (1814)’


Wednesday 19 February

Anna Myers (Edinburgh): ‘“Hung up for monuments”: the material legacy of Shakespeare’s Richard III

Robert Stearn (Birkbeck): ‘Patterns of skill: narrative and material forms of practical knowledge in early eighteenth-century adventure fiction’


Wednesday 4 March

Alley Jordan (Edinburgh): ‘A temple to the muses: reimagining antiquity during the grand tour in Kenneth Mackenzie’s classical apartments, 1771’

Rory Lamb (Edinburgh): ‘“A most handsome method of introducing me”: James Playfair and Scottish architectural patronage in eighteenth-century London’


The following seminars have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The organisers intend to reschedule these for a later date. Please check the ECENS and ECRS websites for updates.

Wednesday 18 March

Alastair Learmont (Edinburgh): ‘The West Indian Interest at the time of Abolition (1783–1803):  The significance of William and James Chisholme’

Regis Coursin (Montreal): ‘Against Despotism: approaching the republican Atlantic, c.1769–1791’


Wednesday 1 April

Zachary Seals and Sergio Melgar (Edinburgh): ‘Natural theology in Scotland: the place of Scottish common-sense realism in reformed theology’

Kristine Palmieri (Chicago): ‘Polaris in Ursa Minor? Friedrich August Wolf, the Halle Seminar, and the history of philology’

The Eighteenth-Century Research Seminars are convened by Alley M Jordan, Clare Loughlin, and Anna Myers. For further information please go to the ECRS website.

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