The University of Edinburgh Open Knowledge Network #uoeokn – Event 2 (28 April 2017)

# uoeokn 2: a great day to catch up with what colleagues have been working on in this expanding field of ‘open knowledge’.

A morning of lightning talks

First, all morning lightning talks emphasize the natural and ever-present connections between research and teaching, and how they cross-fertilize.

Colleagues from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences point out key aspects and issues associated with adventuring into open knowledge territory. Challenging and fascinating question arise from the School of Divinity, Edinburgh College of Art, and Moray House School of Education.

University colleagues beyond bring a lot to the conversation on open knowledge too. They contribute valuable projects and resources to increase the University’s impact. Great things happening in Information Services and the School of Informatics.

Workshops on data use

Finally, the afternoon workshops focus on two different tools. DataShare and WikiData focus on using research data and opening them up to the widest audience possible.

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