10 sound-tracks to enjoy our digital scholarship

Sound-tracks available online also contribute to digital scholarship. Indeed they help with scholarly communication and impact.

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The web team for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences also provides support for colleagues throughout the College and its 12 schools with uploading sound-tracks to SoundCloud audio platform.

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In the six months from January to June 2016, our SoundCloud account has attracted increasing attention. Sound-tracks reflect the diversity of topics colleagues and their guests have contributed. They have prompted over 1,500 plays and 50 likes.

In just ten sound-tracks, you can get a little idea of the research going on in arts, humanities and social sciences at the University of Edinburgh. All the links below point at sound-tracks on the SoundCloud account of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

10 Some Superstitious Beliefs in Scottish Gaelic Tradition – John MacInnes

A talk by Dr John MacInnes, an expert on Gaelic song and folklore for more than 50 years.

9 Diana Arbenina – Interview

This is another sound-track proposed by the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre. It features an interview of Russian musician and writer Diana Arbenina.

8 Kindling Ancient Memory: Calum Maclean and his Family – Cailean Maclean

Cailean Maclean talks about Calum Iain Maclean (1915-1960). Maclean was a Scottish folklorist, collector, ethnographer and author, born in Òsgaig, Isle of Raasay, Scotland.

7 Insoluble Ambivalence(s): … – Sam Coombes

This is the first sound-track from the ‘Diasporic Trajectories‘ play-list making it in the top 10 for January-June 2016, by Dr Sam Coombes: ‘Insoluble Ambivalence(s): the Inside/Outside Postion of Black Postcolonial communities as Articulated in the Work of Paul Gilroy and Edouard Glissant.’

This sound-track is one of a 11-sound-track play-list about ‘Diasporic Trajectories: Transnational Cultures in the 21st Century‘.

This seminar series aims at developing under-explored comparative perspectives. It probes diaspora-related themes in a diverse range of ways.

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6 Liminality in anglophone diaspora writing: “Wavering between two worlds” – Janet Wilson

This is the second sound-track from the ‘Diasporic Trajectories‘ play-list making it in the top 10 for January-June 2016, by guest speaker Professor Janet Wilson.

5 Russian Popular Music and Song Today – David MacFadyen

Guest speaker Professor David MacFadyen (Professor and Chair of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature at the University of California, Los Angeles) offers a quick guide to the Russian web, in terms of song and music.

This sound-track is one of the ‘Princess Dashkova Russian Centre seminars’.

Listen to the ‘Princess Dashkova Russian Centre seminars’ play-list

4 Parapsychology: The Science of the Paranormal – Caroline Watt

Dr Caroline Watt introduces us to this fascinating area of research by using examples of research. From studies on the existence, or not, of extrasensory perception and psychokinesis (for example the ability to mentally communicate with others) to studies on precognitive dreaming (the idea that you can dream about future events), there is a lot to discover about what lies behind these experiences.

Dr Caroline Watt tells us more about what parapsychology really is, why it is important to carry out serious scientific research in this area and what lies behind unusual experiences.

3 Diasporic Trajectories Seminar Series: Introduction – Sam Coombes

Diaspora studies is a growing area of research within the broader field of post-colonial studies. Its principal focus is the ways in which the experiences of migrant and displaced communities have been represented in thought, literature and art.

The Centre for the History of the Book presents a discussion with local booksellers on the history, present, and future of the bookshop in Edinburgh.

  • How have bookshops responded to the advent of the e-book and the online marketplace?
  • What kinds of creative, educational, and community partnerships do Edinburgh bookshops support?
  • What will the bookshop of the future look like?

1 How Pornography Works – Aidan McGlynn

Francesca Rossi talks to the philosophy lecturer Dr Aidan McGlynn about his paper ‘How Pornography Works – Pornography as Undermining Propaganda and Freedom of Speech’. (Disclaimer: Whilst not explicit, this podcast does deal with adult themes.)

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