Discover the ECA Advent Calendar 2015

The ECA Advent Calendar 2015 takes up where the 2014 calendar left things.

Discover the ECA Advent Calendar 2015

This year’s calendar includes offerings from students at Edinburgh College of Art, in varied programmes such as Animation, Music, Film & TV, and Textiles.

Like in 2014, there is a wide variety of content, and lots of humour and talent on display.

ECA ADvent Calendar screenshot

2 thoughts on “Discover the ECA Advent Calendar 2015

  1. Dear Webteam

    You have made a really nice implementation of an Advent calendar, kudos on your work!

    Have you published the code under an open source license, and could you by chance disclose the location of a public code repository containing your work?

    I work for the danish public libraries and we are planning a Drupal module with much of the same functionality as yours.

    Our primary work is the Ding2 codebase, a public library Drupal distribution in production on the majority of the danish public libraries.

    Ding2 code repository:

    Yours sincerely
    Rolf Madsen

    • Hi Rolf,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Most of the work is done in the theme templates, which extend the Bootstrap theme, and a single view. We use a handful of contrib modules, but no custom modules. I’ll email you the details and relevant code.


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