CHSS Research Impacts Site is live!

Every now and then a project brings the whole team together and combines everyone’s knowledge and expertise.

It’s always extremely rewarding to see a final product so we’re very excited to announce the launch of the University of Edinburgh’s ‘Research Impact’ site. Going live today after months of planning, building, recording and editing we’re pleased to say it looks great! We will be adding new case studies and improving the website over the next few months but are very happy with announcing what’s in place to the big wide world. And so without further ado… (drum roll please…) here it is!

Humanities and Social Science Research Impact websiteResearch Impact website As a world leading university much of the research that goes on in Edinburgh is helping to change world politics, law, economics, social thinking and practises (to name a few!). Here at the uni we felt that the impacts of many of the research studies in the College of Humanities and Social Science were so outstanding that they had to be showcased. The Research Impacts site has taken some of the biggest personalities and most impactful studies and given them a platform. From rebuilding the face of an ancient Egyptian mummy to the impact of neuroscience on The Church of Scotland, the topics and staff featured are vast and all equally fascinating. Building the website, and in my case producing the video features, was (and is) a huge task given that even though these academics are leaders in their fields they can be far too modest or, heaven forbid, camera shy!

Each study has its own page carefully designed to show off not just the personality of the academic but also what makes their research so unique. And in focusing on the impacts of these studies we’ve learned that the university really does play a huge role in the international and local communities. For the videos we agreed it was important to have our researchers not just sitting in an office at a computer but actually out in the world, in front of subjects, objects and locations that befit their work. When encouraging anyone to speak on camera you do often find that people are most open and relaxed in an environment that is familiar. So not only are our locations and backgrounds a bit ‘different’, it’s also easy to see that our academics are comfortable in their ‘world’ and passionate about what they do. One of the joys of video production is stepping in to this other world that you would perhaps otherwise never see. To then bring what I’ve seen and learned to everyone else and to showcase the fantastic personalities I meet along the way is extremely rewarding and satisfying. I hope you enjoy them and I’m looking forward to continuing my filming.

Working alongside the web team to complete this site have been our Research Assistants, a team of HSS Masters and Postgraduate students led by our very own Guillaume. They’ve all done a fantastic job subtitling, copy writing, picture hunting and more, and have been a pleasure to work with. Given that I’m currently working on subtitling and video accessibility guidelines it’s been important for me to have every Research Impact video subtitled and available to all. Having many extra ears and hands has made creating accessible content for the web a smoother process and I’m extremely proud that our Research Impacts site is so accessible. Subtitling and the transcription of videos is no small task and for the team to have mastered the subtitling software and my (perhaps a little pedantic!) guidelines so quickly has been a huge help and a testimony to the hard work that everyone has put into this site.

So go enjoy the site, discover why Turkey Red has rebuilt a community, What a group of 80-something’s can tell us about our own lifestyle and how a Skoog has taken the music industry by storm.

Research Impact

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