Integrating a Drupal 7 website with the University’s EASE authentication service

ease1In the web team we recently took over the technical maintenance and development of the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) website. Part of this development work involved integrating the University’s standard authentication service (EASE) with the Content Management System (CMS) used by the ECA website, Drupal 7.

Although the Drupal CMS has been used for many years throughout the University, it has not been widely used with EASE. The only exceptions that I am aware of are work I did myself in collaboration with Colin Higgs on the School of Engineering website to implement EASE authentication on a Drupal 6 plaftform in 2010, and which has subsequently been updated to Drupal 7 by Billy Rosendale, and, built using Drupal 6. The University Website Programme (UWP) are currently developing Drupal 7 for use as the main University CMS and part of this development process is support for EASE authentication – and this EASE integration work was used by the web team as a model for the ECA website.

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Extraordinary poster art of China

Over the last two weeks I’ve been working on a mini-site for the Confucius Institute showcasing the exhibition on propoganda poster art of China they are hosting at Adam House.

The exhibition, which features 133 posters dating from 1913, is just a small sample of the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Collection, which has over 5000 examples of these rare artefacts. The styles and subjects give a fascinating insight into the cultural and political shifts in China through the twentieth century.

Details from 'Model Opera: Red Army Women', 1971

Details from ‘Model Opera: Red Army Women’, 1971

Having such a wealth of visually interesting and colourful material made building the website a lot of fun. Using a timeline plugin allowed me to place poster images in context alongside text explaining the shifts in styles and messages used in the artwork. Text from the exhibition catalogue is illustrated with some of the fascinating background details from the posters.

The exhibition runs from 6 June – 12 July at Adam House, Chambers Street. Full details of of opening times and times of guided tours are available on the exhibition website:

Poster Art of Modern China website

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center (PPAC)