SLTC course case study

Welcome to the information about the DGBL project!

In this section you will find various pieces of information about the development of the digital game for young learners in China. Use this information in conjunction with the assessment requirements to study the project and evaluate the language learning elements. As with the other case studies, we have provided some information about the project to provide a general picture and extra contextual background information. You may find that some of the information is not relevant to this assignment; you are free to pick and choose as seems fit. What you do with the background information is up to you.

Since the project was mainly about producing an alternative means to deliver the content of the syllabus (digital game based learning as the methodology), we cannot call what they have developed a curriculum The best way to approach this is to examine the primary school curriculum in China, using the materials developed by the KTP team as part of the methodology. The interviews and presentations with team members include information on needs analysis, objectives, etc. but there is also scope for you to use your imagination. You can focus on any of the 6 curriculum elements (needs analysis, syllabus, methodology, goals/objectives, assessment, evaluation).

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