Creation and creativity through the eyes of a (quantum) scientist, a talk by Adam Kirrander [25 February 2015]

Crag Seminar 25 February 2015: Lecture Theatre G.03 – 5.30 50 George Square The University of Edinburgh Creation and creativity through the eyes of a (quantum) scientist Adam Kirrander School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh Audio of the talk and Q&A here I discuss the act of creation from the perspective of a practicing scientist, […]

Childhood Constructions of Contemporary Technology: Using Discourse Analysis to Understand the Creation of Occupational Possibilities

Mary Silcock, Clare Hocking & Deborah Payne Ten children aged 10-12 years were audio recorded discussing and demonstrating the types of technology they regularly used at home. A critical discourse analysis of the transcriptions was completed to identify dominant discourses the children deployed. Philosopher Michel Foucault’s theories on the history of existence, power relations, the […]