Humain consciousness like honeybee swarms

Stop Signals Provide Cross Inhibition in Collective Decision-Making by Honeybee Swarms Seeley TD1, Visscher PK, Schlegel T, Hogan PM, Franks NR, Marshall JA. Image curtesy of Kyle Szostek Honeybee swarms and complex brains show many parallels in how they make decisions. In both, separate populations of units (bees or neurons) integrate noisy evidence for alternatives, […]

Analytic-Bridge-Continental + (ABC+) Process Philosophy Workshop

29th October 2016 University of Liverpool, Department of Philosophy, School of the Arts Call for Papers The ABC+ organising committee welcomes papers which will contribute to a developing dialogue about the metaphysics of process and how it can attract the concerns of researchers from across the range of contemporary philosophical currents. Invited Speakers: Christopher Norris, […]

The ‘Rough edge of deterritorialisation’: Contemplation, by van Bever Donker

Parallax Volume 22, Issue 2, 2016 Special Issue: Red Assembly: East London Calling, Guest Edited by Helena Pohlandt-McCormick, Gary Minkley, John Mowitt and Leslie Witz Simon Gush Red (Mandela Car) Mercedes 500SE car body 2014 Maurits van Bever Donker’s current book project is titled Texturing Difference: Black Consciousness Philosophy and the Script of Man. He […]