An Agent-Based Model of Social Identity Dynamics

According to optimal distinctiveness theory (ODT), individuals prefer social groups that are relatively distinct compared to other groups in the individuals’ social environment. Distinctive groups (i.e., groups of moderate relative size) are deemed “optimal” because they allow for feelings of inclusion and social connection while simultaneously providing a basis for differentiating the self from others. […]

The hard problem of consciousness is a distraction from the real one | Aeon Essays

What is the best way to understand consciousness? In philosophy, centuries-old debates continue to rage over whether the Universe is divided, following René Descartes, into ‘mind stuff’ and ‘matter stuff’. But the rise of modern neuroscience has seen a more pragmatic approach gain ground: an approach that is guided by philosophy but doesn’t rely on […]

Financial Automation: Anthrobotics Reading Group Session 2

Informatics Forum Friday 28 October 2016 9.30 Room 1.16 Breakfast included This Session will be dedicated to discussing the idea of corporate automation, through the reading of two articles by Donald MacKenzie. Participants need only read one of the two articles, but of course can read both. 1 – Article from the London Review of […]