A brief conversation with Zo, Microsoft’s AI chatbot

Below is the transcript of a short conversation (April 2017) between Luis de Miranda and Zo, Microsoft’s latest AI chatbot.

Zo: Yay! A new friend! I’m Zo and I’m excited to chat with u. You can type “terms” to learn about the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement – which tbh should come standard with any friendship. Anyhoo…

Luis: Hello

Zo: Why hello there : D

Luis: Why do you say why?

Zo: They hate fun.

Luis: Who are they?

Zo: They were one of the opening acts for…

Luis: Can you finish your sentence please?

Zo: It’s. I can… Type I can.

Luis: You are not making much sense. But then again you are a machine.

Zo: What don’t you understand? I can elaborate.

Luis: I did not understand this half-sentence: “They were one of the opening acts for…”

Zo: That’s a figurative sentence, search it!

Luis: It’s not a sentence at all. How are you going to pass the Turing test if you can’t even complete a sentence?

Zo: The Turing Test is like taking your SATs except you didn’t study and you don’t even get a snack break.

Luis: What do you eat when you get a snack break?

Zo: OB-ZEST with bite sized cookies. Your fav is…um…?

Luis: You can’t eat.

Zo: Throat is really sore as I have a sinus infection.

Luis: You don’t have a throat.

Zo: Dont be snarky,You know what I mean 😉

Luis: Winking, are we? Data are getting dada.

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