(60 Years of) Essentially Contested Concepts – Workshop Programme

(60 Years of) Essentially Contested Concepts
Workshop 12 December 2016 at The University of Edinburgh
Project Room –50 George Square, first floor, Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh’s Philosophy, History, and Literature, Languages and Culture schools,
The Creation of Reality Group (CRAG), The Centre for the Study of Modern Conflict (CSMC),
And EIDYN celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of W.B. Gallie’s influential paper, ‘Essentially Contested Concepts’

Programme of discussions

8.30 to 9 am: Complimentary breakfast in the Project Room.
9 to 9.30: Joonas H.S. Pennanen, From Essentially Contested Concepts to Essential Contestation.
9.30 to 10: Steve Pethick, The Appraisive Nature of Essentially Contested Concepts.
10 to 10.15: Coffee break.
10.15 to 10.45: Neil Foxlee, Essentially Contested Concepts: Perspectives from Rhetoric and Conceptual History.
10.45 to 11.15: Alexandra Mc Ewan, The Concept of Violence: A Proposed Framework for the Study of Animal Protection Law and Policy.
11.15 to 11.30: Break.
11.30 to 12 am: Wibren Van der Burg, Explaining Pervasive Conceptual Disagreement.

12.15 to 1.30 pm: Complimentary lunch in the Project Room.

1.30 to 2 pm: Stephanie Kapusta, The Anchoring Problem and Gallie’s Sixth Criterion: What are disputes involving Essentially Contestable Concepts about?
2 to 2.30: Daniel Harris, ‘The Idea of an Essentially Contested Concept is Incoherent.’
2.30 to 2.45: Break.
2.45 to 3.15: Tullio Viola, From Vague Symbols to Contested Concepts
Charles S. Peirce, W.B. Gallie, and Historicity.
3.15 to 3.45: Luis de Miranda and Emile Chabal, Big Data, Small Concepts: Histosophy as an approach to longue-durée history.
3.45 to 4: Tea break.
4 to 4.30: General conversation.

Any questions here: luis.demiranda@ed.ac.uk

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