An Introduction to Computational Thinking

50 George Square Edinburgh University Room 3.03 2 pm An Introduction to Computational Thinking by Dr Michael Rovatsos Senior Lecturer at the School of Informatics at The University of Edinburgh, and Director of the Centre For Intelligent Systems and their Applications. What is computational thinking? Often, it is construed as a set of principles that […]

The universe has wiggle room for an observer to participate in the ongoing creation of reality

The renowned physicist John Archibald Wheeler summed up his long and illustrious career under three headings – three thematic periods that characterized his work. He called the first period, “Everything is Particles.” This covered the time when he worked alongside the legendary Niels Bohrs to understand nuclear fission and was drawn into the famous Manhattan […]

Anthrobotics Reading Group/Workshop Session 1

30 September 2016 Informatics Forum / Room 1.16 / 9.30am / All welcome First Session of the Anthrobotics Interdisciplinary Reading Group, in partnership with the social informatics cluster and the CRAG – Open to all schools of the University of Edinburgh Please read the following text before the session (Pdf available on demand): We, Anthrobot: […]