Conscious realism: Donald Hoffman on everyday life experience

Interview by Quanta Magazine image courtesy of David McNew / Quanta Hoffman: The formal theory of conscious agents I’ve been developing is computationally universal—in that sense, it’s a machine theory. And it’s because the theory is computationally universal that I can get all of cognitive science and neural networks back out of it. Nevertheless, for […]

Collective genius and communities of innovation

Linda Hill: How to manage for collective creativity What’s the secret to unlocking the creativity hidden inside your daily work, and giving every great idea a chance? Harvard professor Linda Hill, co-author of “Collective Genius,” has studied some of the world’s most creative companies to come up with a set of tools and tactics to […]

Richard Sennett on craftsmanship | talk

Watch the video here: Notes from the talk: Atelier Richart Sennett (Cf Atelier with Bruno Latour) New kinds of craft being invented all the time, they don’t belong to a vanished world before the machine. Relationship between hand and head. Tactile knowledge essential to be able to think # to what Robert Reich calls symbolic […]

Illah Reza Nourbakhsh “Robot Futures” Talk

With robots, we are inventing a new species that is part material and part digital. The ambition of modern robotics goes beyond copying humans, beyond the effort to make walking, talking androids that are indistinguishable from people. Future robots will be embedded in our physical spaces, with the ability to go where we cannot, and […]