Relational Bodies and Metahumanism

A Metahumanist Manifesto by Jaime del Val and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner 1. What is Metahumanism? Metahumanism is a critique of some of humanism’s foundational premises such as the free will, autonomy and superiority of anthropoi due to their rationality. It deepens the view of the body as field of relational forces in motion and of […]

The Collateral Damage of Theory

I propose to discuss this idea: Explaining social supremacies with complex power theories (Foucault, Bourdieu…) might legitimise supremacy by insisting on its sophistication. Luis de Miranda

The ‘Self-Fulfilling prophecy’ prophecy

If men define situations as real, they can become real in their consequences… How many of you have read this influential 1948 article which uncovers the notion of self-fulfilling prophecy, and how many of you knew that it was mainly about racial prejudice? More here Read the article here